Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Avenues

Alright, so...Grand Theory is out and running well with more and more people accepting Titles. The -Concept- of the Three Sages is getting stronger. The Voyage of Little Sage went well, and I(Sage) have some more Substance to work with that I managed to scrape off of Little Sage's car.

An upswing.

Although that probably means that the /Construct/ is going to double effort into stopping the Three Sages. I(Sage) had my raid, Jay(Sage) had his little assault, and Shaun(Sage) had his momentary bout of -Infection.- Which means it's my turn again.

Bring it, ya bastard.

I'm intrigued by JerseyDagmar(Keeper? Prodigal? Chosen? Foreigner? Not enough information to tell really. Not now.) and his /Guardian/. The non-effect it has on /Agents/ is obvious, but it seems to work so well on /Construct./ The Jersey Devil is a.../Concept/ that is VERY well known and has some True Believers. I wonder if there are other /Guardian Concepts/ that could emerge if the /Construct/ targeted someone who believed in some other being.

I(Sage) also have some good news regarding Halloween and the Winter Equinox. I've check and rechecked all old legends and such.

During those two time,s He's actually weaker.

Oh, /Construct/ may still snatch a child alone and afraid on Halloween, but that's the night when Fear is Welcomed and made into Enjoyment and Fun. Basically it's a poisoned source. Powerful yes, but if /Construct/ became a Halloween fixture, would anyone really fear him? A bunch of people running around in 'Slender Man' costumes would be the WORST THING POSSIBLE for the /Construct/. Mass proliferation yes...but not the kind that He wants. I(Sage) mean, Jason and Freddy are scary sure...but can you really fear them when you imagine a bunch of seven year olds running around wearing their faces?

I'll(Sage) go into more detail about that later.

As for the Winter Equinox. The longest night of the year...if I(Sage) was required to go to Other Side and fight him. That is when I would do it. That is when /Construct/ and things like him are weakest. You might wonder why I think so. 'Longest Night of the Year? Is he nuts?' Well, yes obviously, BUT you have to realize the flip side of that. The Longest Night of the Year means that the Light is Returning. Days get longer, and Darkness goes away. I know Light/Dark means little to the /Construct/ but I think it matters on Other Side.

Anyway, I'll(Sage) talk about that more later as well. These are just more Theories, but as I said. The Sage is to gather all knowledge no matter how insignificant or Insane.

The downside is that, if I'm right, even though on those two times /Construct/ is weak...for the REST of the time, He's going to be riding tall in the saddle. So to speak. Let's see...22nd was the Autumn...yeah...starting this Sunday, the 3rd? Strap in folks. It's gonna get worse before it gets better.