Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Sage drove through the door of the Utility Shed at 3:32, which then closed behind him. The car is water logged and the camera gave out under the strain, just holding out long enough to get back to This Side. The mic was totaled.

However, the little lego man, our Little Sage, is in prime condition. The first champion.

Were that we all made of plastic.

No new data apart from what I(Sage) saw over my first hour. Well...possibly no new data. Those whispers...I'm glad I destroyed them. Also wiped all data to prevent further contamination.

I'm(Sage) going to dissect the car and check the water and God knows what else got caught in that thing. Maybe I got lucky and gained some more Substance. Not holding my breath.

If only Little Sage could talk...what would he tell us of that Other Side and the Swamp?

I mean, after he finished screaming. Of course.