Saturday, October 30, 2010


Still here. Still wasn' wasn't nice those past few days.

Those times I(Sage) spent in the quiet of the Parks? A lure...there are many many ways into and out of Other Side.

I(Sage) spent six hours in the Swamp.

The trees whisper to you, and the water's lukewarm.

/Construct/ didn't get me(Sage) or hunt me, or even know I was there until I was gone...Ithink He was occupied elsewhere...honestly, there's no difference between a path and a path in the Swamp.

It(Artifact) has to be a blade. Possibly an enchanted bullet...but a blade will always work. All version of the -Entity- that the /Construct/ originates from are felled by blades.

The trick is discovering what kind. It's nebulous shifting nature makes it hard to pin down...a Hydra. Lop off an arm with one blade, and when it regrows, the blade is now useless...

I'm(Sage) missing something...there's one more part...Blade, Substance, and one more thing...ugh. Too tired. I need to sleep.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I(Sage) don't know why I take these little walks out into the wilderness, nature trails, alligator world, boardwalks...I just need to be outside, by the trees. Not by people. Not around those smells. Not around the /Agents/. I need a new tie...hate this dress code.

I(Sage) cornered one. Sick and shaking in a airport bathroom. Another one trying to follow me. Never attacked me or did anything when I cornered him. They babbled about nothing for a while. Just kept talking about needles, injections, and fish. I think it was who I though it was. That /Agent/(Lost) so cold and quiet. I offered they some diluted Substance...but the /Agent/ just ran.

The reservation was exactly that. Just like before, no one spoke or even looked at me(Sage). The (Shaman) just took the Substance and started up a small pot on a hotplate. As it boiled and he added...-elements- to it. (Shaman) told me more about /Construct./

I(Sage) did a typo earlier. It's nation, not country. Always country. They(Entities) come in endless forms. Authority is nice. It increases the sense of powerlessness. That is why Der Ritter appeared as a knight. That is why in the Australian Bush, it is a soldier. That is why in Russia it wears a great black coat. The message is clear, They are Greater. They are Superior. When they cause things to happen...there is nothing we can do.

They follow. The Iraq incident shows that. There's an (Entity) of the Iraqui...but that was not what got them...not what appeared...they can cross...but their prey is their own.

The where and when is unknown and unimportant really, as the (shaman) told me(Sage), and by all purposes a mystery that isn't likely to be solved...Der Ritter is the leading contender though. But the who is least this is what the (Shaman) said.

A woman had a child. She was either young, selfish, scared, or all of those and a thousand more. Either way, it boiled down to her not wanting the child. So she walked into the Dark Woods. The border where civilization ended and the Cruelty of Nature and the World and all the things hidden inside began, and she left the child there.

There are many stories that start like this.

Then she returned to the village...but she feared her husband, or the authority, or the church. So she destroyed her home, cut herself, and shrieked and cried and spoke of a great monster. A being dressed in -Authority- and who took her child. The villagers believed her...and spread the warning.

That was the first one. If it was the Child, returning for vengeance, -Changed- by something. Or a creature of the Dark, insulted by being blamed for something it did not do, or Something that devoured the Child and developed a taste for doesn't matter.

The woman was found on the trees.

The (Shaman) bade me drink the boiling solution. It was ice cold...and then I(Sage) passed out. When I came to, the smells started. The (Shaman) said that it was necessary. That if I kept traveling, and researching, and fighting...I would find a way to send it back for a while.

I(Sage) don't have dreams when I'm sleeping on the plane.

I'm(Sage) going back to my own home soon...back to the Door to Other Side. I know what's to happen. When I find the /Weapon/ when I discover something that the (Hero, Warrior, Guardian) needs to be victorious...then I must go to Other Side and the Swamp. That is my role as the (Sage), and Shaun(Sage) don't worry...I think...both /Construct/ and I are tired of this. It's sick of my insults and annoyances, and I'm just tired. I will be the next Sage to fall. I can't stop the process, not when its in me...I'll find it. Hide it someplace safe and then...well...I think I'll rub substance over a metal baseball bat.

There's no thing as a good death, just death. But there's a difference between going out like a coward, and going out scrabbling for every last second you can, swinging all the way.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Landed here, my(Sage) home...for now at least. I feel like my life is going to become similar to George Clooney's character in the movie 'Up in the Air.'

I(Sage) miss don't count.

Went to a place called Mercer Slough. (Pronounced SLEW) It's a wetland, I(Sage) used to go here on school field trips. It's very pretty, but I must have looked ridiculous standing in the middle of a nature trail wearing the suit the company makes me wear.

Dropped by the folks, they're fine, said I(Sage) looked good. Lost some weight, need some more sleep. Usual parental stuff. Had a nice dinner with them, and now I'm back at the airport, waiting for my next flight.

The Reservation was one of those 'Off the Grid' places. A tad more organized though, mid-way between hippie and survivalist. People seemed actually sane. Well, apart from the fact that no one would talk to me(Sage) or look at me and they said they'd gag me if I spoke too much. They knew I was a mental leper through and through.

The Old Man(Survivor) that they took me(Sage) too, who did speak with me, was one of the founders of the place. He was very old, German, and he knew of Der Ritter, his great-grandfather's brother was the Hero who killed It. A simple thresher scythe, a field of wheat on fire, mud everywhere, and just him and Der Ritter...neither of them left.

The Old Man(survivor) had also been in the presence of /Construct/. Just as the (Oracle) cannot be harmed by Him, neither could the old man. The Old Man said that it was because /Construct/ wasn't allowed to take him. He was born on German soil, he Knew himself to be a German, Der Ritter was only allowed to take the old man, and It was dead...this bastard son in this bastard country couldn't touch him...also there was one more important thing.

He(Survivor) still had the Scythe of his Uncle.

It's a rather pathetic looking thing. The handle's been replaced several times it appears, and the blade is a solid piece of rust. It's also rather small, the blade's about as big as my(Sage) hand. I'll try to fix it, but I'll probably have to replace the blade as well. 

He(Survivor) gave it to me(Sage), you see.

I(Sage) can't Title it. It doesn't Belong to a Sage, and it can't be Used by a Sage...also there's the whole Rule Change Concept I who knows if it will work. Depends on how strongly the /Construct/ wishes to be associated with Der Ritter I suppose...

Ugh, it's safe here...but it smells. Distinctly too. The woman sitting next to me(Sage) is obsessed with Breast Cancer...The 10-year old across from me is afraid to fly.

Before I got to the Gate there was a little girl who was sitting by the windows. She was being Hunted by Him, that I could tell instantly...she was scanning the horizon, searching for Him. An Operator Symbol painted in whiteout on her Hanna Montana backpack. (M(Hermit) would be so proud.)

Then she turned around suddenly, and looked at me standing in line at a Starbucks. I glanced over at her...and she screamed and screamed, then ran for her mother.

No one seemed to notice...

We're boarding...ugh, lovely sleep.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Airport again

Back again in the blessed freedom of the Airport(Sanctuary). I(Sage?) booked another flight...several flights. Most of them cross country. I called up my boss and asked to be transferred to the sales staff. It involves going from place to place and hawking whatever miracle cure the head company has developed. Had to cash in a lot of favors, and give out a few...playing courier as well, mostly to mistresses and second families. It was easy to know who to approach and call now...they stink like the Swamp. Afraid they're going to get caught, afraid of death, afraid of losing, afraid of not getting enough. I smell it on everyone now. The  (Shaman) at the Reservation said that it wouldn't be long before I can tell the difference.

Of course, the horrid stench around myself(Sage?) is the worst.

He doesn't smell at all...nor do /Agents/.

He(Shaman) had me drink it. He boiled the Substance, and I(Sage?) drank the whole thing while it was steaming. It didn't taste like anything. Just that it was cold.

W-Fighters- are at an eternal disadvantage.

Other Nations' /Constructs/ have set rules, set paths, set legends that they MUST hold to and never change, they've been around so long for so many years that it becomes a Singular Truth...and the Grand Theory holds. A warrior or Guardian or Hero rises, the /Construct/ is defeated and goes away for a long long time before it's rebirthed.

Our /Construct/ has options.

Hundreds of them. Eventually thousands at the rate this is going. You(Hunted) play against Him using M's(Hermit) Rules and then suddenly the /Construct/ starts using the Rules from Marble Hornets or Twelve Tribes, and M's advice becomes crap. So you swap over to following those new rules, but then someone else writes up a new blog with new rules for Him or the /Agents/ and voila! You're back to square one, with no time to recover and you never know when He will change. It's fighting water...or smoke. It's impossible to get a hand on it.

But, it's a double edged sword. All those options? It's the biggest weakness. If /Construct/ were to face against Der Ritter(Dead Monster) then the German Knight would rip Him to shreds. The longer you stay alive, the stronger your Rules become, and eventually...well...

Still comparatively it's trying to fill a 20-gallon oil drum by placing one grain of sand in it, every day. And if you miss one day, or drop your grain, you're dead.

Why do you think M's(Hermit) been able to stay alive for so long? I(Sage?) hope...haven't heard from him lately.

Head's still reeling. I'll(Sage?) try and write again after my flight...blessed sleep. Explain what I've been doing, where I've been, and what I've learned.

Don't give up...turns out He's been playing defensive all along.

Shaun(Sage), I'm(Sage?) so sorry...goodbye. Remember, you are not long as you don't give up. However...a low dosage of morphine will keep you from in airports, stay in the air, stay alive and what I saw won't happen. You just need to make it to Halloween for in the air on the 26th. Okay? Either that or keep running or sleep at the CN tower in Canada and if not...find some morphine.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Writing from Airport terminal. Done with Commune, going to Reservation next. Plane is leaving soon. Decided to risk this. Also, Airports? Fantastic places to rest. /Construct/ hates them for some reason. No Visitation and saw an /Agent/ that was tailing me(Sage) literally collapse and vomit. When I'm in the air...I can feel His presence leave.

M's(Hermit) get up high rule still has merit. Maybe I should look into becoming a steward.

Heard about Jay(Heroic Sage). I take solace that he is Free. His no more.

Got some important information from my source at the Commune.

German /Construct/ and American /Construct/ are NOT the same being.
There is more than one of them. /Constructs/ exist in nearly every country. Different forms, same type of /Being./ They are ALL awake. Records across time show.

However, American /Construct/ is a singular being. The /Constructs/ will not, CAN not, work together.

Finally...the German /Construct/ is dead. Killed with a small, peasant's wheat scythe. The Theory is proven.

History lesson is over. Reservation is next.

Shaun(Sage), He's getting angrier. You and I(Sage) both know it. If he can't reach me, he'll go for you. Book a cross country flight as soon as you can and get to the airport as soon as possible. If we're still alive by Dec. 23rd, then we'll be okay. Trust me on this, it's been confirmed.

Until then, and I(Sage) can't believe I'm saying this, follow M's(Hermit) rules, and stay in airports or in the air as long as possible.

October will be bad. November will be worse...and December...Shaun(Sage) if He hasn't found Zeke(Mystic) by then and we're still alive...we will have His FULL attention.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Travel plans

Shaun(Sage) is right. I've(Sage) been getting too much information. The voyage of Little Sage, the fact that I was able to translate the Whispers. (I'm thinking that my earlier hypothesis is still true. This isn't the /Construct/ speaking to me. It's just my own mind giving suggestions.)

I've(Sage) been taking far too many risks. I've even handled the Substance with my bare hands. Adrenaline surges through my mind. I'm welcoming His presence...wanting him to come. I want the fight. I'm losing my grip on my objectivity and letting the aggression take over. As a result it's been tainting my work.

I(Sage) have two new leads to follow up on, however. So I'm going to be gone for a few weeks. I'm going to be out of communication as well. The Commune and the Reservation both made it clear that if I was coming in to ask about /Construct/ then I had to be disconnected from anyone else who is -Infected.- They were unclear as to why, although it was interesting that they both said the same thing without prompting and they're two VERY different sources.

Hold tight Fighters and Sages. Hopefully I(Sage) can get some new intel.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Translation Complete

Alright, I(Sage) caved in and tried to translate the /Construct's/ whispers. Very very very stupid of me and I did some stuff that would make M(Hermit) yell at me for a good hour and a half. However, I...managed understanding, and got something that was coherent enough to figure out. /Construct/ apparently was not used to direct communications, not sure if He knows how really. Normally just His presence is enough to cause the human mind to go off on its how Zeke's(Mystic) /Agent/ saw Him as the Angel of Death.

Anyway, this is a bit of Good News/Bad News.

Good News: Zeke(Mystic), congratulations, you're at the top of /Construct's/ hit list. He HATES you more than anyone else. You have survived and you have shouted loudly that He was to be fought. This has caused Him more trouble than ANY. OTHER. THING. So bravo.

The Sages are next. The /Construct/ loathes us for our efforts and specifically to Jay(Sage) for robbing him not only of (Victims) but of an /Agent/ as well. Shaun(Sage) you rebuked his control, that was a concept unknowable to Him, and until you did it, impossible to anyone else. I(Sage) caused Him pain. Also, not something that was possible until I forced it to be.

M? can I say this man? He -cherishes- you. The idea of you running and running and running forever, spreading Him in your wake is -pleasing.-

The rest he didn't speak of.

Great News: Zeke(Mystic), Sages? I think...I think as long as we don't commit /Acts of Despair/ then when we Go, we Go to Beyond. He can't get us. That was part of His rage, /Construct/ implied that we may be beyond his reach after we Go but He will...

Well...that's what the Bad News is:

If/When the /Construct/ gets us...He said it will not be quick...and that it will be very painful. Images...dreams...of trees on Other for each of Us Who Fight...we will not be bagged. We(Fighters) will be spread across the limbs...and we will scream. We will scream for a long long time before we Go.

But after that we are Out of His reach. there.

He's back.

Well, like I(Sage) said, now that we are in the Time of Darkness for the Western Hemisphere the /Construct/ has a little more oomph in His step. He's out there right now, a typical visitation. I'm experiencing the reactionary emotional responses of both primal fear, and my own personal advanced aggression. Pushed it down, I can play His little games.

However...that's not the only thing I'm(Sage) experiencing.

The /Construct/ is...whispering things at me. I think. I hear them on the edges of everything, the humm of my refrigerator, the buzz of my computer, in the wind through the trees. Faint hints of words, that echo in my skull and the more I hear them the clearer they become. I'm trying to ignore them, but it's like He's forcing those words into my skull, slowly.

Right now I(Sage) know one thing though.

He's angry, REALLY angry.

At the Sages.