Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sage Side Effects

Noticing things...strange side effects. Not sure if this is happening to the other (Sages) but...if it is then it means the Core Theory is working.

One Sage researches weapons, one Sage looks at defensive measures, and one sage tries to understand the properties of the foe.

-Sword, Shield, Shroud.-

(Sages change)
Jay's showing defensive tendencies, being concerned about his security. Paranoia?
Shaun feels that he's turning into an /Agent/ and a part of /Construct./
I'm found myself becoming more aggressive in nature, more ready to fight and get into fights. Irrational anger.

Taking on aspects of our Focus as we(Sages) become more into our Titles. Losing focus. New counter attack from /Construct/ or is the Core Theory reacting stronger than I thought? When I can get secure contact with the Sages...then I'll tell them the Core Theory. Too risky to say it in public...

Plus M(Hermit) will probably have an anger induced seizure when he hears it.