Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Path of Black Leaves is Mine now.
My Dear Friend is dead, buried, and firmly planted.
The Trees hold sway here now.
He That Is does not come here, nor any more of His Own.
I am alone.

I know now that it wasn't worthless. None of it. Cynthia is Truly Free. Redlight is Forever Gone. We have Taken Territory away from He That Is.

It is not a big victory. He That Is has countless other Paths and Spaces to use. There will be another one like Redlight. Other children will be Taken. This is no turning point, or even a slowing point.

But this is the first time He and His have Lost.

The Monster Bleeds.

Feel bad about that girl who helped cause this. Bad luck and curiosity will undo anyone. However, throw a wrench into anything, and you'll surprise yourself as to what you can do in the wreckage.

Going away now. Most likely for good, body's all but given up now. Have much to do, much to work with, and the nights are getting longer.