Sunday, October 3, 2010

He's back.

Well, like I(Sage) said, now that we are in the Time of Darkness for the Western Hemisphere the /Construct/ has a little more oomph in His step. He's out there right now, a typical visitation. I'm experiencing the reactionary emotional responses of both primal fear, and my own personal advanced aggression. Pushed it down, I can play His little games.

However...that's not the only thing I'm(Sage) experiencing.

The /Construct/ is...whispering things at me. I think. I hear them on the edges of everything, the humm of my refrigerator, the buzz of my computer, in the wind through the trees. Faint hints of words, that echo in my skull and the more I hear them the clearer they become. I'm trying to ignore them, but it's like He's forcing those words into my skull, slowly.

Right now I(Sage) know one thing though.

He's angry, REALLY angry.

At the Sages.