Thursday, September 30, 2010

They're back!

/Agent/ activity has returned...however they aren't hostile towards me(Sage). Not yet at least. They're focused on the Shed. Approaching it, yet afraid to get close. No idea if this means that they want to have audience with /Construct/ or if they want to go to Other Side or...I have no idea.

Jay(Sage) you have that /Agent/ still? Show her a picture of a swamp or a slough. See if there's a reaction. Make sure they're free of -Influence- of course.

Shaun(Sage) start looking into anything regarding old legends about creatures from the Dark Swamp, or the Rotten Area, or any topographical location type that invokes primal fear. I(Sage) wont lie, this is going to be risk stuff with chance of -Infection- but...and I know this sounds callous but it's the truth...since you've already been Exposed, then you'll be able to have better insight, so we need to use that. If you feel youself slipping, remind yourself that Jay(Sage) and I(Sage) are with you in spirit. Your Title is your Power, and you will fall when YOU are ready. Not when He says so. That is the Gift the Sage receives.

Since you asked:

Warrior: Brave, Bold, Stupid in that headstrong way, Fights for the sake of the fight, Fights without fear, Only fights on This Side, Can push /Construct/ back to Other Side for a while, cannot beat it. A stop gap, and if they become an /Agent/ then there's going to be a lot of trouble.

Guardian: Calm, controlled with knowledge, FIghts for others BUT will have nothing left on This Side, FIghts on Other Side, Stays on Other Side and keep Him there for a much longer time, will return when the Vigil is over, or if a Hero emerges.

Hero: Afraid but pushes on, Foolish but gains wisdom from Sages and Mystics, Fights for those who are important to him, Fights on both This Side and Other Side Only a Hero can kill a monster...but the Hero always dies at the end of the story.