Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Voyage of the LittleSage

It's been an hour since Little Sage entered the Shed. I(Sage) Had to name it, Names are Important as we all agree. I even wrote Little Sage on the side and put a lego man in the driver seat.

Godspeed my little friend.

There was initially no reaction on the feed. The little pen light and camera I(Sage) rigged up only showed what you might expect in a power station utility shed. A bunch of meters on the wall, a trash can, and nothing else.

I(Sage) turned the Little Sage around to leave. I thought that either the /Construct/ was just screwing with me, or Little Sage was firmly on -This Side.-

Little Sage exited the door, but he didn't come out. Visual confirmation from my home with binoculars. I(Sage) was still getting feed though. So, I watched, still am. There's not much to see really. Too low of light save what I can make out from little glimpses here and there. However, I've confirmed two things. Some of it is from observation, the other part is...when you make a theory about the /Construct/ and write it down, maybe especially if you're a Sage, and it's Correct then it just 'feels' right.

First: Other Side is his Absolute Origin. This is where the /Construct/ was born. Back before the Germans gave the /Construct/ it's first name. Back to the time when villages would search for the Children who disappeared into the dark. Other Side is a Very Old Place...older than the /Construct/. The mic picks up whispers...and when I hear them I think not to go further on that. I disabled the mic and destroyed all recorded audio.

Second: Other Side is not a forest, or an ocean, or a lake, or an empty place filled with rot and decay. It's all of these things really.

It's a swamp.