Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rule of Three

Three (Sages)...Myself, Jay, and Shaun. Good number. Gives the Title more weight, and allows others to not have to be (Sage) and share our fates. What we have learned is a good start, but the research is scattered. Disjointed. We end up going over similar things, and we aren't exactly working on a subject that allows redundant activity.

M thinks I'm nuts as well as Jay, and his opinion on Shaun's close contact experiments is clearly known.

Yes, well...stabbing people in the brain to induce trauma is hardly signs of a stable mind, as well as trying to collect vocal data on the /Construct/ or avoiding using Operator Symbols(Proven Sigil) just to lure him close enough to conduct weapons tests.

(Sages) are batshit insane. We have to be. It's up to people like M(Hermit), Sandra(Oracle), or Zeke(Mystic) to take what we find and make it useful. And no I'm not changing M(Hermit)'s title...he hasn't shown any other signs of other makes me laugh when I see him complain, and if I don't find funny things about this whole thing I'm going to turn into Jay(Sage), Shaun(Sage), or Lord Forbid A(Coward).

Maybe that's why /Construct/ lets (Sages) live so long. He wants to see exactly HOW crazy we can go. Fear only lasts so long after all, before trauma sets in and the victims make /Acts of Despair./

Crazy just keeps on going and going and going...not to mention our proclivity to -infect- others. (And they wonder why I only use codewords.)

Actually went outside after the Fire Extinguisher Incident (Here forward referenced as Incident 2) and discovered something interesting outside where /Construct/ was. Remember that sticky residue that I mentioned was often found after utilization of an ABC extinguisher? Well, I found a residue in the location where /Construct/ was...only it's not the right kind of residue, or if it is it's been contaminated with some other element. It's similar to tree sap, hard, apparently sticky or tacky (Not stupid enough to touch with bare hands, don't worry) and a blackish/yellowish color. The yellow is the monoammonium phosphate, but...I'll need to run some tests.

Still stumped on -Origin- project progress...but if this stuff is what I(Sage) think it, don't get hopes up. Keep stable or else you go nutty like the others...nuttier.