Thursday, September 23, 2010


Received contact from Zeke(Mystic), who obviously thinks that I'm(Sage) a few beer short of a six pack. Don't blame him, I would think the same thing. Also was contacted by A(Opposition/Unknown) who was...less than charming. Suspect him to be a high functioning /Agent/ of the /Construct./ This may mean that the other /Agents/ are now aware of a direct result of my making this blog. Damn. Still, odds were this was inevitable, especially when I begin full recording and bring in Fletcher and Lizzie.

Defensive measures will need to be taken.

Until then, I have an open request to any and all. I need information. Weapon usage. Anyone who has used ANY kind of weapon, device, or artifact on the /Construct,/ please tell me what you used along with any signs of effect. Combat, Escape, Defense, Warding, the use is irrelevant. It doesn't matter if it didn't work or only worked once. Any data is welcomed.

Remember the /Construct/ is on Defense to -Fighters.- He has to get lucky every time, we just have to get lucky once.

Hearing strange noises from within house. I have locked my door, opened my closet wide, turned on all lights in room, window has been barricaded for now, and I have baseball bat and WD40 with duct taped lighter. If it's an /Agent/ then look all you want asswipe. My records aren't there. If it's /Construct/...then  make all the noise you want, I'm not coming out. Anything that comes in though, I'm not going to be polite to them.