Thursday, September 23, 2010

Self Terminology

Ha! Gamble paid off. I(Sage) think it was an /Agent/ in my house. The place is trashed, and drawers are opened and my freezer had everything pulled out of it. They were looking for my research journal, and they didn't find a thing. You'd think I'd be THAT stupid to hide my work in some place as obvious as under the couch or the freezer?

Reported the action to the police, acted suitably distressed (Not hard), and they promised to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around the area. Well, good luck to them. Here's hoping an /Agent/ gets sloppy.

My make shift weapons last night reminded me that I have to make observations regarding Fire. Know that /Construct/ has affinity for it, but does that make Him immune? Know /Agents/ burn like anyone else. Bought several fire extinguishers and have placed them around the house.

Basic ballistic, blade, and bludgeon show no effect. High pressure water hose shows possibility as a deterrent but not suitable for combat. Light obviously not a factor. -Origin- is still my best bet, but I haven't found an -entrance- yet.

Zeke(Mystic) and M(Hermit) have asked about my titles for them. It's not as complicated as you might think it is, although the Theory is based on a Faith concept. It has nothing to do with Tarot nonsense. There is a firm belief in older oral traditions that  giving things like the /Concept/ a name, or discussing it, gives it power. My theory is that the idea works both ways.

The Mystic can equal to -Veteran.- Mystic has fought, stores the knowledge of the past, and continues to give support when possible.

The Hermit lives by himself, has developed methods to survive, and is willing to pass on instructions, but has his own priorities, and odds are will not fight as opposed to run.

As for myself(Sage), well...there's not much to tell about me. Robert Sage, tried to be a pharmacist and ended up working as a phone monkey for a medical conglomeration. I am...causative of Alexis'(Victim) /Act of Despair/ and I have to atone for that. I'm an arrogant prick, who has been accused of looking at the world as if it was to be dissected. Cold-blooded bastard. True statements, but now I feel they work in my favor. I will pick the /Construct's/ world apart, and find a way to end it. At the very least, I will get some explanations for some things.

The Sage...

There's a dark jungle next to the village. People who go into it never return. The villagers fear the jungle. Then one day a man with a torch goes in, the villagers scream at him to not, but he does anyway. He returns the next night, crawling back, bleeding to death, claw marks on his back. With his last breath he says 'Within the Jungle lives a Tiger, who is twelve feet long, obsidian claws, and has fire in its eyes...but it is just a Tiger and it bleeds.' After that he dies. The villagers no longer fear the jungle after that day. Oh, it's still scary and they take precautions from the huge Tiger...but it's just a Tiger. No longer is it Unknown or Shadows, perhaps one day someone will go and kill the Tiger...but there is no need for pointless fear.

M, I know I'm ignoring your rules. It's not out of arrogance in thinking that I know better. It's just not my place, style, or role to run away from the Tiger when I can figure out what I need to tell the person who comes after me.