Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Finally heard the news about Zero.
Poor bastard.
Maduin's shifted away his title and Amelia has been gone for half a year now.
I suppose its for the best.

If you're a Sage you will do more good than you can possibly know,
But your mind and body are going to be ruined forever.

We changed what the title means.

I'm not exactly sure who the new Sages are or who's leading the charge now. Which ones of us are fighting or running or is a Proxy...I'm too tired and too crazed to care much.

Funny joke. Saw Him watching a group of kids, always like that. So I shuffled towards Him. Partly to fight, partly to distract, maybe hoping a little that He'd rip me up. The kids don't see Him, but they see me...and they run to their mommies and daddies crying about the 'scary tall, thin, pale, bald man' and point to me. I stay calm and tell the adults that I am merely an individual with a severe case of cancer, who still tries to keep healthy by walking in parks, so sorry about the trouble. I look the part now, and most people are apologetic but...and here's the of the mothers was a complete and utter bitch and said unto me:
"My kid will have nightmares about you! She thinks you're out to get her!"

I can't help but laugh.

Sorry, Zero.
There is going to be a crowd of people waiting to kick my ass when I finally stop.

It's up to the Delmonts now. Cynthia will eventually contact them, making a break for it. They'll go to her, but Redlight will be waiting. Then I'll be there.
Then after that I won't really be anywhere. Maybe.

Until then, I shuffle along...observing the bodies, damage, and desolation my work has created. I know that, despite it all, I personally won my fight against Him...but was I any use to anyone else?

Have I done any good?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waiting for Rozencrantz and Guildenstern

Well, the last of my hair fell out yesterday. Turns out my head actually has a couple of lumps and bumps on it. I look like a potato attached to a pipe cleaner stick man. On the plus side, people treat me with that measured wariness that they give to obvious cancer patients and people they know are terminal. They're polite and kind, but afraid of me. I am an Avatar of Death's Inevitability, a concept that people do many many things to reject for as long as possible.

Never felt better in my life though. Things are so much clearer now. No idea if this means I'm back to sanity or if I'm now fully in a hallucinatory state, but at least now I'm calm, rational, and can make coherent sentences.

They don't see me anymore. Honestly Morningstar, I was literally standing right behind you in line at the register and you didn't notice. Also, I'm the one who spilled all that ink on the blouse you bought, and the one who kept stealing the tires to Ridley's bike. It's been hilarious.

Redlight can still see me though, or at least he can detect my presence. I was scouting Cynthia, gave her a small gift, and he was there. I know he knew I was there. When I use the Path of Black Leaves now I have to be careful, he has the...the Residents...there sniffing around for me.

We're at a stalemate right now. All we can do is protect what we can, and little harassments on the side. It's Cynthia and her parents that will decide when the finale begins.

Once that happens...either it's the end of the story and the Tragic Hero exits the Stage after rescuing the Damsel...or Redlight is freed.

He is here. Watching me across the street from the greenbelt as I sit in a cafe with my phone. I'm not frightened of him anymore. He is inevitable. I think he likes us when we fight him. Trash against him, run and scream and keep on clinging to whatever shreds we have. He is not kind. He is not something to be accepted or embraced. I will oppose him forever, even after I'm gone, I'm still going to be here. Flinging starfish out of his reach. Can't save them all. But every one that I do is a win for me. Cynthia is the first, and then...a brief rest...and the Work will begin.

He is gone. I obviously bore him now.

Ah well, Rika's sitting two chairs away. I'll go dump my scalding hot coffee in her lap and then be on my way.

Wow, she screams REALLY loud. It's these little things that you have to appreciate.