Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Avenues

Alright, so...Grand Theory is out and running well with more and more people accepting Titles. The -Concept- of the Three Sages is getting stronger. The Voyage of Little Sage went well, and I(Sage) have some more Substance to work with that I managed to scrape off of Little Sage's car.

An upswing.

Although that probably means that the /Construct/ is going to double effort into stopping the Three Sages. I(Sage) had my raid, Jay(Sage) had his little assault, and Shaun(Sage) had his momentary bout of -Infection.- Which means it's my turn again.

Bring it, ya bastard.

I'm intrigued by JerseyDagmar(Keeper? Prodigal? Chosen? Foreigner? Not enough information to tell really. Not now.) and his /Guardian/. The non-effect it has on /Agents/ is obvious, but it seems to work so well on /Construct./ The Jersey Devil is a.../Concept/ that is VERY well known and has some True Believers. I wonder if there are other /Guardian Concepts/ that could emerge if the /Construct/ targeted someone who believed in some other being.

I(Sage) also have some good news regarding Halloween and the Winter Equinox. I've check and rechecked all old legends and such.

During those two time,s He's actually weaker.

Oh, /Construct/ may still snatch a child alone and afraid on Halloween, but that's the night when Fear is Welcomed and made into Enjoyment and Fun. Basically it's a poisoned source. Powerful yes, but if /Construct/ became a Halloween fixture, would anyone really fear him? A bunch of people running around in 'Slender Man' costumes would be the WORST THING POSSIBLE for the /Construct/. Mass proliferation yes...but not the kind that He wants. I(Sage) mean, Jason and Freddy are scary sure...but can you really fear them when you imagine a bunch of seven year olds running around wearing their faces?

I'll(Sage) go into more detail about that later.

As for the Winter Equinox. The longest night of the year...if I(Sage) was required to go to Other Side and fight him. That is when I would do it. That is when /Construct/ and things like him are weakest. You might wonder why I think so. 'Longest Night of the Year? Is he nuts?' Well, yes obviously, BUT you have to realize the flip side of that. The Longest Night of the Year means that the Light is Returning. Days get longer, and Darkness goes away. I know Light/Dark means little to the /Construct/ but I think it matters on Other Side.

Anyway, I'll(Sage) talk about that more later as well. These are just more Theories, but as I said. The Sage is to gather all knowledge no matter how insignificant or Insane.

The downside is that, if I'm right, even though on those two times /Construct/ is weak...for the REST of the time, He's going to be riding tall in the saddle. So to speak. Let's see...22nd was the Autumn...yeah...starting this Sunday, the 3rd? Strap in folks. It's gonna get worse before it gets better.

They're back!

/Agent/ activity has returned...however they aren't hostile towards me(Sage). Not yet at least. They're focused on the Shed. Approaching it, yet afraid to get close. No idea if this means that they want to have audience with /Construct/ or if they want to go to Other Side or...I have no idea.

Jay(Sage) you have that /Agent/ still? Show her a picture of a swamp or a slough. See if there's a reaction. Make sure they're free of -Influence- of course.

Shaun(Sage) start looking into anything regarding old legends about creatures from the Dark Swamp, or the Rotten Area, or any topographical location type that invokes primal fear. I(Sage) wont lie, this is going to be risk stuff with chance of -Infection- but...and I know this sounds callous but it's the truth...since you've already been Exposed, then you'll be able to have better insight, so we need to use that. If you feel youself slipping, remind yourself that Jay(Sage) and I(Sage) are with you in spirit. Your Title is your Power, and you will fall when YOU are ready. Not when He says so. That is the Gift the Sage receives.

Since you asked:

Warrior: Brave, Bold, Stupid in that headstrong way, Fights for the sake of the fight, Fights without fear, Only fights on This Side, Can push /Construct/ back to Other Side for a while, cannot beat it. A stop gap, and if they become an /Agent/ then there's going to be a lot of trouble.

Guardian: Calm, controlled with knowledge, FIghts for others BUT will have nothing left on This Side, FIghts on Other Side, Stays on Other Side and keep Him there for a much longer time, will return when the Vigil is over, or if a Hero emerges.

Hero: Afraid but pushes on, Foolish but gains wisdom from Sages and Mystics, Fights for those who are important to him, Fights on both This Side and Other Side Only a Hero can kill a monster...but the Hero always dies at the end of the story.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Sage drove through the door of the Utility Shed at 3:32, which then closed behind him. The car is water logged and the camera gave out under the strain, just holding out long enough to get back to This Side. The mic was totaled.

However, the little lego man, our Little Sage, is in prime condition. The first champion.

Were that we all made of plastic.

No new data apart from what I(Sage) saw over my first hour. Well...possibly no new data. Those whispers...I'm glad I destroyed them. Also wiped all data to prevent further contamination.

I'm(Sage) going to dissect the car and check the water and God knows what else got caught in that thing. Maybe I got lucky and gained some more Substance. Not holding my breath.

If only Little Sage could talk...what would he tell us of that Other Side and the Swamp?

I mean, after he finished screaming. Of course.

Voyage of the LittleSage

It's been an hour since Little Sage entered the Shed. I(Sage) Had to name it, Names are Important as we all agree. I even wrote Little Sage on the side and put a lego man in the driver seat.

Godspeed my little friend.

There was initially no reaction on the feed. The little pen light and camera I(Sage) rigged up only showed what you might expect in a power station utility shed. A bunch of meters on the wall, a trash can, and nothing else.

I(Sage) turned the Little Sage around to leave. I thought that either the /Construct/ was just screwing with me, or Little Sage was firmly on -This Side.-

Little Sage exited the door, but he didn't come out. Visual confirmation from my home with binoculars. I(Sage) was still getting feed though. So, I watched, still am. There's not much to see really. Too low of light save what I can make out from little glimpses here and there. However, I've confirmed two things. Some of it is from observation, the other part is...when you make a theory about the /Construct/ and write it down, maybe especially if you're a Sage, and it's Correct then it just 'feels' right.

First: Other Side is his Absolute Origin. This is where the /Construct/ was born. Back before the Germans gave the /Construct/ it's first name. Back to the time when villages would search for the Children who disappeared into the dark. Other Side is a Very Old Place...older than the /Construct/. The mic picks up whispers...and when I hear them I think not to go further on that. I disabled the mic and destroyed all recorded audio.

Second: Other Side is not a forest, or an ocean, or a lake, or an empty place filled with rot and decay. It's all of these things really.

It's a swamp.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still Stable

It's okay. I'm(Sage) still here. I've destroyed the recordings. Shuan(Sage), heh I TOLD you that we(Three Sages) would refuse to let you fall to the /Construct./ Jay,(Sage) this is important. You HAVE to be as convicted on the impossibility of Shaun's further -Infection- and how we can use it against the /Construct./ Any information that you can remember Shaun is important. Don't stress yourself, but try.

I(Sage) don't know why I(Sage) thought it was the ocean. There was a sound of water...but it wasn't waves. Not what I thought at first. It sounded like a rushing river...I don't know. Either way, something to note I suppose.

I'm(Sage) going to try the rc car tactic tonight.

I've(Sage) decided to not fight it. If I resist the -compulsion- then it just becomes stronger until I break and wander in halfway to being an /Agent./ I accept my fate, and I can control it. I feel more in control. I have to go...but not now, and not without preparation.

That's how Zeke(Mystic) did's he's still out there. You accept that there are things outside your control, cinder blocks and rebar...but you control yourself, you control your own mind, you can't control fate, but you can shape your destiny.

I(Sage) know it doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm already affected...but I'm not letting /Construct/ have a clean win.

I(Sage) caused Him pain. That means that bastard can bleed.

That means Someone(Hero,Warrior,Guardian) will be able to kill him.

It wont be me, but when that person emerges, or takes on that title...then they'll find that someone has gone before them...and stacked the deck in their favor.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's falling apart. He's trying to get us, to break us(Sages)...Jay's got a timebomb, Shaun's down, and I'm being lured into a trap. Stupid stupid's in my skull now, a stupid lure. I WANT to go into that shed, charge into the /Construct's/ home and...and...I don't know. Ugh. Hard to think straight these days on Him. I just start getting angry and hostile and an irrational desire to attackattackattack...I hate Him. I hate him for what he did to Alexis. What he's done to Shaun. He knows that this is how to get us...appeal to Jay's nature as a scientist, subverted Shaun, and to me...well...offer me a fight that I can't win.

This is worse than being Turned.

Although, maybe it would be better that way. I(Sage) mean, what would it be? Pain, and then my soul would be beyond his reach. Valhalla. Heheh...a flame of glory. Ugh...nononono. Can't think like that. Have to be rational. I loved the RC car tactic, use that first. Don't be suckered.

You know, I've(Sage) always been told that I was lucky. I remember that day in the park. Nasty accident, drunk driver smashed really hard into a construction site next to it. Things went flying...a kid got impaled by a piece of rebar. I was on the merry-go-round with another girl. We were going so fast...a piece of cinderblock...several...hurled through the air. The girl was nailed right in the head. She survived, but she's brain damaged. I span around and around...and nothing touched me. Didn't even get my clothes dusty or bloody.

They checked me out, saw that I(Sage) was fine and left me on a bench to wait for mom to come back from Grocery shopping. I watched all of them, crying and bleeding, ambulances and police, reporters and news vans. I was fine.

I'm(Sage) always fine.

Other children wailed and screamed, invented monsters to cope with the trauma, some of them died might have been the /Construct/...he might have been there that day. But I(Sage) didn't see him. I was just fine.

I'm(Sage) always fine.

Edit: Took a tranquilizer. Got some control back. Restored the entry with the proper demarkation. I feel better and the world is a little more organized. Alphabetized my books and DVDs. Enforcing a strict order upon my world, makes it feel less oppressive.

The Door Opens soon...

If I'm quick I can put a microphone nearby it.

Negative Contact


No Visitations. No /Agents/. No hallucinations either auditory or visual. No distortion on my video surveillance cameras. Nothing.

Meanwhile Shaun(Victim) has become an /Agent/ and Jay's(Sage) making amazing progress with his experiments.

I'm(Sage) however, treading water, staring at a little lump of black tree sap and a jar of green water. I've got plans and schedules, everything is ready...but there's just no activity. No, there's one bit of activity on my(Sage) end. It was the last appearance of the /Construct/ before this period of inactivity ended. He appeared on one of my surveillance tapes upon later review (Common occurrence). It was near the end of the tree line, where the power converter station is. Normally there's never been any activity there...but the last sighting had Him physically open the door to a small utility shack there and enter it. I went over there to examine it, in the day, and found it firmly locked. Hold on...

Ah. Alright it's been about twenty minutes since I(Sage) started up again. According to my tapes, I have received a Visitation every night. That door opens slightly every night, at 11:11pm(Recurring numbers common theme) and then shuts at 5:55am.

I(Sage) think that's an invitation.

Of course, there are traps, and then there are Traps, and then there's this which might as well have TRAP in twenty foot high neon letters...

Do I have any other options though?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sage Side Effects

Noticing things...strange side effects. Not sure if this is happening to the other (Sages) but...if it is then it means the Core Theory is working.

One Sage researches weapons, one Sage looks at defensive measures, and one sage tries to understand the properties of the foe.

-Sword, Shield, Shroud.-

(Sages change)
Jay's showing defensive tendencies, being concerned about his security. Paranoia?
Shaun feels that he's turning into an /Agent/ and a part of /Construct./
I'm found myself becoming more aggressive in nature, more ready to fight and get into fights. Irrational anger.

Taking on aspects of our Focus as we(Sages) become more into our Titles. Losing focus. New counter attack from /Construct/ or is the Core Theory reacting stronger than I thought? When I can get secure contact with the Sages...then I'll tell them the Core Theory. Too risky to say it in public...

Plus M(Hermit) will probably have an anger induced seizure when he hears it.

Gotcha! wanna know WHY that ranty little crazy post was cut short?

Cause that was when the police kicked open my door and found a bunch of masked crazies tearing up my house.

After I(Sage) ran, I called the police. I work for a Medical Company, cops had NO problem buying my 'assaulted by junkies' story, mostly because it's happened to my co-workers.

I waved at them/Agents/ as the police hauled them away. Normally I would have erased that little post of theirs, I only found it after I finished cleaning up my place. However, they referenced me as the Sage, which means its working and the Core Theory is holding.

On the downside the bastards destroyed the Substance samples that I didn't grab in my exit. All I have left is a small orb about the size of a malted milkball and the jar of water I dissolved some of it into.

Still...a win is a win. And I'm(Sage) counting this as a win.
Make this quick. There's six of them/Agents/ now...they obviously don't know about the duck blind camera I(Sage) set up. What are they waiting for? Nightfall? Sun is setting right now...have to Evac. No time to get the Notes, just hope they don't find them...I have to go. I'll contact again when secure.

Shit, I must have REALLY pissed Him off.


Alexis(Victim) once said this to me...I(Sage) think she got it from one of the Japanese cartoons she enjoyed to watch. (I despise those things, of course this is coming from a person who loathes animation in general, so my opinion on that matter is biased.) May those who accept their fate be granted happiness, may those who defy it be granted glory. I've been thinking about that quote a lot.

It sounded like inane moralizing claptrap, and still is really...but...I(Sage) suppose when you go seeking for something to give yourself solace, you'll cling to anything that you can grasp.

It always surprises people to know that I'm(Sage) a very spiritual person. They see me as a type of doctor, a person who dissects everything in existence, the type of man who worships himself and his own cleverness. The fact that I pray and believe in a Higher Creator or Prime Mover conflicts their expectations.

I'm(Sage) not one for religion, though. Also, I will be the first to say that finding sanctuary in a church or trying to exorcise the /Construct/ are acts of futility at best. Nor do I believe that God is a man with a white beard, or even any sort of human. God is God.

And God is cruel. Otherwise, we couldn't be human. Stephen King once wrote that the cruelest thing God can do is let us live. I think M(Hermit) might agree.

A(Coward) asked about his title and debated that since he is without fear, then he should not qualify for such a title. I'm(Sage) not surprised at all by his(Coward) lack of understanding regarding the Titles, and the whole nature of Fear. The Coward never is 'afraid,' quite the opposite. The 'Coward' just avoids the fight, lives off other people, and in the end will die a sad, cold, lonely death. You see them in -concepts- all the time.

Anyway, enough of the -High Concept- navel gazing crap. You want to know about the Substance and what I found out about it.

It does conduct electricity, despite the Fire Retardant presence. When exposed to open flame it acts like magnesium. A massive flash of bright white light. Lower heat, in this case a frying pan, shows no result. While I'd like to work on finding the melting point of the Substance, lack of material forces me to end heat tests.

Cold tests show no effect. No condensation forms on the Substance, nor frost. It just loses it's tacky texture for a while until exposed to warmer temperatures.

As far as I can tell from equipment I 'borrowed' from work, it's cellular make-up is identical to tree sap. Simple cellular construction identical to plant cells. Also it dissolves in water, but a small amount (Say the size of a pin head), when dissolved in water, can turn 2 cups of water a light, translucent, green color. Say one or two drops of green food dye will get a similar result.

Haven't begun with the saturated water, allowing to sit for further study.

I also found that this substance, while being able to conduct electricity, also has some adverse effect on electronic devices. Putting it near (less than 6 inches) a television or computer screen will cause the screen to go into static. It is not magnetic though.

Shows no corrosive properties as of yet, experiments still on going.

High tonal frequencies (Tuning fork) show no effect.

I have saved the best for last though.

As I said, it's slightly sticky, and leaves a light yellow/greenish residue. I carefully used it to mark out an Operator Symbol(Proven Sigil) and set it up outside, where the /Construct/ makes his usual appearance to observe and assault me with -Emotional Imbalances.-

He showed up.

There was a flash of bright light, similar to what happens when the Substance is exposed to open flame.

Then I was an awful noise. It sounded like a cat being dragged across a blackboard, clawing and yowling. I suffered a panic attack and almost dropped into the fetal position. But the /Construct/ left, and the irrational terror left soon after.

Then I realized what happened.

I(Sage) made that fucker scream in pain.

Rule of Three

Three (Sages)...Myself, Jay, and Shaun. Good number. Gives the Title more weight, and allows others to not have to be (Sage) and share our fates. What we have learned is a good start, but the research is scattered. Disjointed. We end up going over similar things, and we aren't exactly working on a subject that allows redundant activity.

M thinks I'm nuts as well as Jay, and his opinion on Shaun's close contact experiments is clearly known.

Yes, well...stabbing people in the brain to induce trauma is hardly signs of a stable mind, as well as trying to collect vocal data on the /Construct/ or avoiding using Operator Symbols(Proven Sigil) just to lure him close enough to conduct weapons tests.

(Sages) are batshit insane. We have to be. It's up to people like M(Hermit), Sandra(Oracle), or Zeke(Mystic) to take what we find and make it useful. And no I'm not changing M(Hermit)'s title...he hasn't shown any other signs of other makes me laugh when I see him complain, and if I don't find funny things about this whole thing I'm going to turn into Jay(Sage), Shaun(Sage), or Lord Forbid A(Coward).

Maybe that's why /Construct/ lets (Sages) live so long. He wants to see exactly HOW crazy we can go. Fear only lasts so long after all, before trauma sets in and the victims make /Acts of Despair./

Crazy just keeps on going and going and going...not to mention our proclivity to -infect- others. (And they wonder why I only use codewords.)

Actually went outside after the Fire Extinguisher Incident (Here forward referenced as Incident 2) and discovered something interesting outside where /Construct/ was. Remember that sticky residue that I mentioned was often found after utilization of an ABC extinguisher? Well, I found a residue in the location where /Construct/ was...only it's not the right kind of residue, or if it is it's been contaminated with some other element. It's similar to tree sap, hard, apparently sticky or tacky (Not stupid enough to touch with bare hands, don't worry) and a blackish/yellowish color. The yellow is the monoammonium phosphate, but...I'll need to run some tests.

Still stumped on -Origin- project progress...but if this stuff is what I(Sage) think it, don't get hopes up. Keep stable or else you go nutty like the others...nuttier.

Close Call

Holy...oh, dear sweet Lord above in Heaven. I thank thee for thy compassion and blessings upon my courage and my folly.

Jay(Sage) suggested that Chemically Induced Amnesia was an option, and that I should try it on an /Agent./ Although, I lack the skills to do an injection into the Hippocampus.  Maybe A(Coward) will volunteer to help me practice.

You know...I do have access to a pharmacy in my position. I'll look into seeing if there's anything that can cause that condition. Although, it still seems like a stop gap, as opposed to an actual solution.

Anyway, must explain the event.

I had just finished typing out my last entry when I look up and there, in my window during dusk, was /Construct./

My use of code names and strange titles is confusing to some and muddies up my data a little...but it's a way to protect others, and it grants me some feeling of control over the situation which is SO vital...anyway.

I see Him, and instantly I scream and begin to go into my usual vocal rant. Verbal abuse, taunts, threats, recitations from the Bible (New King James, Gospel of Mark, Chapter 5 on), normally this has no effect other than giving me something to focus upon while I'm looking at him. This time however, I was -compelled- with a massive surge of emotion. (Look into possible testosterone, adrenaline, and other neurochemicals for counteractions.) Mainly fear, and aggression. Just a desire to be DONE with this mess...

Records show history of being 'lured' into /Construct's/ this new method?

Either way, I hurled open the window...but in my anger. I also grabbed one of my newly purchased fire extinguishers and blasted the entire thing at him. There was a massive cloud, and I was also screaming at the time...but when it cleared, I was unharmed and the /Construct/ had departed from His position.

Naturally I closed and secured the window. Still reluctant on the use of Operator Symbols. Have to use them when I have few options left.

Anyway, no idea if the fire extinguisher was the cause or if there was some other force that caused His exodus...maybe He just decided to leave. Either way, I'm not risking fate by trying it again, but I encourage others to attempt it.

For the record. It was a Dry Chemical, class ABC extinguisher, that sprayed monoammonium phosphate. It's a yellowish powder, although the typical sticky residue that normally accompanies it was not seen at the site. Also of note, the material is slightly caustic and is exceptionally damaging to electrical appliances. No idea if that is of any significance, but it should be recorded.

Self Terminology

Ha! Gamble paid off. I(Sage) think it was an /Agent/ in my house. The place is trashed, and drawers are opened and my freezer had everything pulled out of it. They were looking for my research journal, and they didn't find a thing. You'd think I'd be THAT stupid to hide my work in some place as obvious as under the couch or the freezer?

Reported the action to the police, acted suitably distressed (Not hard), and they promised to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around the area. Well, good luck to them. Here's hoping an /Agent/ gets sloppy.

My make shift weapons last night reminded me that I have to make observations regarding Fire. Know that /Construct/ has affinity for it, but does that make Him immune? Know /Agents/ burn like anyone else. Bought several fire extinguishers and have placed them around the house.

Basic ballistic, blade, and bludgeon show no effect. High pressure water hose shows possibility as a deterrent but not suitable for combat. Light obviously not a factor. -Origin- is still my best bet, but I haven't found an -entrance- yet.

Zeke(Mystic) and M(Hermit) have asked about my titles for them. It's not as complicated as you might think it is, although the Theory is based on a Faith concept. It has nothing to do with Tarot nonsense. There is a firm belief in older oral traditions that  giving things like the /Concept/ a name, or discussing it, gives it power. My theory is that the idea works both ways.

The Mystic can equal to -Veteran.- Mystic has fought, stores the knowledge of the past, and continues to give support when possible.

The Hermit lives by himself, has developed methods to survive, and is willing to pass on instructions, but has his own priorities, and odds are will not fight as opposed to run.

As for myself(Sage), well...there's not much to tell about me. Robert Sage, tried to be a pharmacist and ended up working as a phone monkey for a medical conglomeration. I am...causative of Alexis'(Victim) /Act of Despair/ and I have to atone for that. I'm an arrogant prick, who has been accused of looking at the world as if it was to be dissected. Cold-blooded bastard. True statements, but now I feel they work in my favor. I will pick the /Construct's/ world apart, and find a way to end it. At the very least, I will get some explanations for some things.

The Sage...

There's a dark jungle next to the village. People who go into it never return. The villagers fear the jungle. Then one day a man with a torch goes in, the villagers scream at him to not, but he does anyway. He returns the next night, crawling back, bleeding to death, claw marks on his back. With his last breath he says 'Within the Jungle lives a Tiger, who is twelve feet long, obsidian claws, and has fire in its eyes...but it is just a Tiger and it bleeds.' After that he dies. The villagers no longer fear the jungle after that day. Oh, it's still scary and they take precautions from the huge Tiger...but it's just a Tiger. No longer is it Unknown or Shadows, perhaps one day someone will go and kill the Tiger...but there is no need for pointless fear.

M, I know I'm ignoring your rules. It's not out of arrogance in thinking that I know better. It's just not my place, style, or role to run away from the Tiger when I can figure out what I need to tell the person who comes after me.


Received contact from Zeke(Mystic), who obviously thinks that I'm(Sage) a few beer short of a six pack. Don't blame him, I would think the same thing. Also was contacted by A(Opposition/Unknown) who was...less than charming. Suspect him to be a high functioning /Agent/ of the /Construct./ This may mean that the other /Agents/ are now aware of a direct result of my making this blog. Damn. Still, odds were this was inevitable, especially when I begin full recording and bring in Fletcher and Lizzie.

Defensive measures will need to be taken.

Until then, I have an open request to any and all. I need information. Weapon usage. Anyone who has used ANY kind of weapon, device, or artifact on the /Construct,/ please tell me what you used along with any signs of effect. Combat, Escape, Defense, Warding, the use is irrelevant. It doesn't matter if it didn't work or only worked once. Any data is welcomed.

Remember the /Construct/ is on Defense to -Fighters.- He has to get lucky every time, we just have to get lucky once.

Hearing strange noises from within house. I have locked my door, opened my closet wide, turned on all lights in room, window has been barricaded for now, and I have baseball bat and WD40 with duct taped lighter. If it's an /Agent/ then look all you want asswipe. My records aren't there. If it's /Construct/...then  make all the noise you want, I'm not coming out. Anything that comes in though, I'm not going to be polite to them.


Ever since I mentioned Alexis(Victim) she's been in my mind for the entire day. Not sure if it was just generic guilt and regret or if it was a -compulsion- caused by /Construct./  Either way, I need to return to the original Focus, so I have to talk about her here. That way she'll be in the record and I wont have to dwell on her memory more than I have to.

Alexis(Victim) was my cousin. She was pretty much a standard 20-something College Dropouts, like all the others. Pretty enough to qualify for the label of 'attractive' but not her main attribute. Very active in athletics, and possessing of an exceptional sense of humor, even though her laugh sounded like a dying cat being dragged across a chalkboard that's been embedded with broken shards of glass. Average student, had serious attendance issues, and just dropped out of college due to lack of academic prowess and the inability to keep to a schedule.

Returned home, got cashier job at a Department Store, moved out to apartment, lived typical life with mild hedonistic actions coupled with a rather depressing amount of debt. Typical for both Alexis'(Victim) life/personality/character. Rotating significant others, nothing serious, didn't understand concept of difference that 'Falling in Love' and 'Being in Love' are two separate feelings. Disliked me(Sage), as she saw me as an arrogant elitist prick.

Which I am.

One of Alexis'(Victim) boyfriends(Unknown, but if I ever find him I'm going to express my displeasure to him with the utilization of golfing equipment) introduced her to the /Construct/ and all the other recordings and journals related to Him, knowing that she often found things like that to be amusing. She laughed at it and then waved it off as just another nonsensical internet thing.

One week later her -visitations- began.

If you are here in research to the /Construct/ then you know all the typical symptoms. Signs of Illness, Paranoia, Compulsion to record everything through either video or journal (Journal in her case. I looked through them. Nothing helpful, just typical ramblings and drawings. I have burnt them to avoid anyone else exposing themselves to the /Concept/ and becoming aware and -noticed- by Him.), loss of Memory, and blackouts.

All the while she was being stalked by /Construct/ through nocturnal appearances within her home, and daytime appearances at a distance.

I think the erratic behavior concerning appearances should be examined, see if there's any correlation between aggressive/passive activity and location of appearances. If I can determine that the /Construct's/ appearances aren't always coupled with a physical prese

Ah, damn. -Compulsion- is making me write about things I need to keep secret. Can't delete it either, find myself experiencing extreme nausea and near paranoia/nervous breakdown when I attempt to delete. Record this, and keep focus. Alexis(Victim), just think about Alexis(Victim) and don't consider anything else.

Alright...Alexis(Victim), she began to be stalked, and she went seeking help. Others didn't believe her. I didn't believe her...but I said I did so I could do something so much worse.

I observed her. I wanted to document her condition, what I thought was a condition, and write it up so I could get into a proper medical journal and not have to work in this God-forsaken medical call center all day dealing with Insurance Hell.

She got worse. He stalked her more. I just watched and fed her fear and paranoia...then in the end she committed an /Act of Despair./

Soon after that, the /Construct/ started to stalk me.

Shorthand translation

No sightings today. Things are holding together actually, feeling less -presence- and more stable. Trap is written ALL over this one.

I promised that I would make my shorthand easier to understand. Name(Title) represents a person who has to deal with Him. The Title is...a supposition based around a current theory/battle plan I'm working on. Ignore it for now. However, it has to be recorded multiple times because if the core theory holds true, then I'll already have the groundwork laid for me.

-term- is my clumsy way of saying 'I have no idea on how to say this that wont take a paragraph so I'm using this word that's mildly similar in concept, even if it's the wrong word.'

/Word/: Giving things Names and Titles is dangerous. M(Hermit) is proof enough of that folly. This is my way to take notation of people, places, and things that are possibly dangerous if -invoked- so I can record them without fear.

/Construct/ is of course...well...Him. I call him a 'construct' because that's what I think he is. Something made, something built, something that can be broken and destroyed. There's more to Him than just that of course, were it so simple. Going to have to break this rule once or twice, actually right now to be exact, but it has to be done. Risk is less than need.

This is the record of Robert(Sage), I am going to analyze, dissect, and study the -entity- known as the Slender Man. I am doing this so that I, or anyone else who wishes to help or follow my work, can develop a way to kill the bastard.

I am doing this for Alexis(Victim). May her soul be in peace and God forgive her weakness.
I fell into the trap.

I just freaked out so much at seeing /Construct/ near some kids that I overreacted and created this blog as a way to lure and distract him. No A-Alerts in the news though, comforting but I'm not going to be able to bait /Construct/ every night.

Now I'm stuck with this, and the Compulsion...worst of all /Construct/ is now aware of intentions. I'm not sure if there's a need to worry yet, haven't tipped my entire hand. Probably will need to watch out for /Agents/ and will need to bring in F&L earlier than planned.

Forgive me you two...but I know you'd rather fight than let this continue.

On my coffee break now...should be focusing, but Compulsion is there. I need to record this.

Did hear one of my co-workers talk about seeing a bum sleeping on the Rite-Aid roof. Possible Runner? Perhaps a way to contact M(Hermit)? It's worth an attempt.

Trying to contact Damsel(?) for more -Viewpoints- but I've made a /Promise/ that I'll try and help Jessa(Maiden) and it could put me in contact with HYBRIDS(Warrior/Tainted/?) but not going to hold my breath.

I use my shorthand way too much here. I'll explain it more later, after work.
Can't make it dark, make it look like the others...concepts have to align properly or it wont start out right...anyway. Have to keep it all down. Skip the usual 'descent' crap. Have been told, in better words. This isn't that kind of work.

Sighting Today. My Action: Waiting for bus home from work. Had no camera, and too far for cell phone camera to work. Location: Across the street in Lyon's Park, South Tree Line. Time: 4:26. Appearance: Standard humanoid, save proportions. Activity: Stationary. Other Elements: Children present (Major concern), Unseen by other co-workers at bus stop when inquired (Standard), Co-Worker's MP3 player showed irregularities in screen and in sound (Presence effect on electronics normal but first recorded time with mp3 player, and on someone who was unmarked and unaware but still heard and saw Distortion), new Operator Symbol present: OS scratched into glass with other graffiti, obvious in correlation to my presence. Unknown if spontaneous/Hallowed/Runner, still no certification of significance/power.

There was a story, long ago, about a sheik and a flying carpet. The carpet would move, as long as the rider never so much as thought about a single phrase. The Sheik, in his arrogance and idiocy, demanded to know the word so that he would never thing of it, and he summoned his court around him to hear. So that no one else would make a mistake. 'White Elephants' was the phrase...and of course, the carpet never moved again.

Bastard's near kids...gotta get him away from them. Focus on me. I still need some time though, haven't gotten enough information, Fletcher and Lizzie still untapped...but not ready to bring them in. Zeke(Mystic) can't help at this point, too far from location, too early, and he wont trust, no choice. Have to keep the kids safe.

Have to bait that Armani-wearing Ass to spend a night staring at me. Look at me all you want Sharp Dressed Man. I'll make us both drinks...stay here, and you aren't out there.

And if you come inside...I'm gonna introduce your face to my baseball bat.