Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shorthand translation

No sightings today. Things are holding together actually, feeling less -presence- and more stable. Trap is written ALL over this one.

I promised that I would make my shorthand easier to understand. Name(Title) represents a person who has to deal with Him. The Title is...a supposition based around a current theory/battle plan I'm working on. Ignore it for now. However, it has to be recorded multiple times because if the core theory holds true, then I'll already have the groundwork laid for me.

-term- is my clumsy way of saying 'I have no idea on how to say this that wont take a paragraph so I'm using this word that's mildly similar in concept, even if it's the wrong word.'

/Word/: Giving things Names and Titles is dangerous. M(Hermit) is proof enough of that folly. This is my way to take notation of people, places, and things that are possibly dangerous if -invoked- so I can record them without fear.

/Construct/ is of course...well...Him. I call him a 'construct' because that's what I think he is. Something made, something built, something that can be broken and destroyed. There's more to Him than just that of course, were it so simple. Going to have to break this rule once or twice, actually right now to be exact, but it has to be done. Risk is less than need.

This is the record of Robert(Sage), I am going to analyze, dissect, and study the -entity- known as the Slender Man. I am doing this so that I, or anyone else who wishes to help or follow my work, can develop a way to kill the bastard.

I am doing this for Alexis(Victim). May her soul be in peace and God forgive her weakness.