Thursday, September 23, 2010

I fell into the trap.

I just freaked out so much at seeing /Construct/ near some kids that I overreacted and created this blog as a way to lure and distract him. No A-Alerts in the news though, comforting but I'm not going to be able to bait /Construct/ every night.

Now I'm stuck with this, and the Compulsion...worst of all /Construct/ is now aware of intentions. I'm not sure if there's a need to worry yet, haven't tipped my entire hand. Probably will need to watch out for /Agents/ and will need to bring in F&L earlier than planned.

Forgive me you two...but I know you'd rather fight than let this continue.

On my coffee break now...should be focusing, but Compulsion is there. I need to record this.

Did hear one of my co-workers talk about seeing a bum sleeping on the Rite-Aid roof. Possible Runner? Perhaps a way to contact M(Hermit)? It's worth an attempt.

Trying to contact Damsel(?) for more -Viewpoints- but I've made a /Promise/ that I'll try and help Jessa(Maiden) and it could put me in contact with HYBRIDS(Warrior/Tainted/?) but not going to hold my breath.

I use my shorthand way too much here. I'll explain it more later, after work.