Sunday, November 28, 2010


Okay, so apparently I got on some troll list so I got a bunch of blank entries to fiction blogs or whatever. Doesn't matter. I have a new email address from work, and I'll make a new one there. This old one wiped all my old entries anyway.

I'll send a new email out to the people who I want to see on my new one.

So long! Oh and screw you trolls, go die in a fire.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back!

Hey, I'm back from the hospital. Everyone at work has been so nice, sending me flowers and stuff. I look pretty bad, but the plastic surgeon they had work on me has done an incredible job.

I'm a little bummed that BSU lost. I always said that they got screwed in the rankings, but now they can use this to bury them. Ah well.

Anyway, please don't ask me about the accident. Not yet. I don't remember much anyway other than the impact and the fire, then I wake up in the hospital. The Doc's say I'll remember more later, but that's not something I want to talk about here.

Anyway, did anything happen on the news with the Kardashians? I was out for so long, I miss my gossip.

Still, glad to still be alive, and mostly intact.


Friday, November 26, 2010

[Blog Wiped]


He never went anywhere you know. The reservation and commune? He made it up. There's really not a single thing Robert said that wasn't a lie. He just wanted to be special. Too bad he suckered you all into it, and now you all sound like a...I'm not that familiar with the Internet Term...Mary Perfect? Whatever it is.

Ezekiel, I'm glad you actually responded. I always wanted to thank you for killing Conaghan. Sick bastard.  People like him give people like you and me bad names. I owe you a coke.

Anyway, I'm almost done with Robert. He'll be returned to you all by...probably Monday, maybe sooner. I believe the colloquial term for your reaction when you see him again is 'shit bricks.'

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Alright, first stop saying Love, Life, Light. You all sound like characters out of a Care Bears episode. They're just words.

Secondly, I want to clear the air and show you people something.
You think Robert went to the 'Other Side' and that Nessa trapped in some Labyrinth or that Zero can, and this is my favorite part of bullshit, go to the 'astral' plane?

Grow the fuck up.

You wanna know where Robert was during his time as Greenlight? Well M got it right. He was hiding in that electric monitoring station, in a filthy suit, with a swiss army knife, talking to himself and his iphone. He was eating out of a McDonald's garbage bin. That's it. Oh yeah, and that story of the kids who fought Him off? Bullshit. They never existed in the first place. The loon just found a knife in a parking lot.

Nessa, you're wandering around the back alleys of a city, babbling to yourself. Give it up. He's already taken your mind. You think you can escape without any damage? Two words babe: Internal hemorrhaging. And doesn't your 'speech of power' sound like the kind of babbling that might result from brain damage?

Amelia, if you want to help your father, just give it up. You're not doing anything helpful. I mean if you WANT to have to club in your father's head with a pipe later, hey keep on being stupid.

You're not winning. You're just poking a sleeping bear. You upsetting Him. Which makes him lash out at us. Which makes us attack you. Everyone gets more agitated and hostile. No one wins. Just stop, and things can calm down, no one but you wants this...and you're just a bunch of Icaruses. Burn baby Robert's case that was a bit more literal than the rest of you.

Zeke is going to burn as well. We can take him whenever we want, but thankfully the FBI will be doing that for us...thanks for that Zeke by the by. M is the only one who will be here past the solstice you know...he's the only one who understands his place.

I know most of you will blow me off in some display of arrogance and idiocy, your loss, but to those of you who are scared? Who have doubt in your 'Titled Saviors' and the Solstice? Take the offer. This will never come again.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You all think you're so so clever, don't you?
Pulling her back. Your insane 'idol' greenlight helping the pull?
Well, good for you. Really, tell me. What's the score? Your hack artist Nessa and B's little nothing?
So...2? Maybe?
You know what HIS score is?

We caught your little greenlight.
Couldn't fight us off when He set him on fire.
We grabbed him and he's safe with us.
It's very funny really.
His face, a total burned mess. Nose is gone, covered in scabs, mouth just a barely perceptible line.
Guess who he looks like now?

You will fail.
There's nothing special about the solstice.
Greenlight, or should I say Robert, is a lunatic, babbling in a corner.
That swiss army knife, that we WILL find, is only that.
And you can't beat him.

Reach is an idiot.
However, his upcoming fate will pale in comparison to what is going to happen to you.
You have caused him Fear.
You have caused him Pain.
He doesn't LIKE that.

This is your Get Out of Jail Free card.
Delete your blog. Erase yourself. Refuse your title. It's meaningless anyway.
Do that...and you're free.
No more us. No more Him. Your friends and family as well.
Just walk away.
Before Sunday.

Don't just write this off.
You think any of us with any minds left wouldn't chose this in a heartbeat?
Think of your loved ones as well, after you die on the Solstice. He WILL go after them next. Think of their pain.
Actually think about this.

He thinks...less like a Human then you might think.
There's prey. Then, there are you, threats.
He will fight you, and you will lose.
But if you run. He will forget you and go for easier prey and more prevalent threats.

Actually consider it.
You might not mind a death in battle, but I want you to think of little Robbie's screams.
And then imagine them coming from your mother's/father's/sibling's/girlfriend's/boyfriend's/best friend's throat.

And it will be YOUR fault.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Direct Attack.

Not Him.

His Fear.

Causing Panic.

Agents Berzerk.

Entered Here.

Assaulted Me.

Didn't Care
Torn Apart
Didn't Care
Fed Trees
Didn't Care

They Attack
Blind Panic
Rabid Animals
Trying Anything
Stop Fear
Stop Him
From Fear

They Shriek:



Very Bad
Also Good
Idiots Wasting
Using Themselves
Burning Out
Bleeding Internally
Burning Inside
Rotting Without

Burning Out
His Power

Bad Times.
Pushed Them
Now Response

Run, Fight
Run, Fight
Run, Fight
Run, Fight

Rescue Possible
Will Help
Can Restore
If Found.

For Now
Must Run

They Scream
For Blood
Also Hear
HIS Screams

Solstice Approaches

This is how all stories like this end, everyone covered in blood.
Solstice Approaches
Call Sent
Titled Prepare

Not Ready
Wont Be
Can't Be
No Choice

Can't Win
Know That
Don't Go
Unless Prepared

Hero Emerges
Small Victory
Greater Losses

Still Go
Will Arrive
Bring Weapon
Will Fight

Can't Win
Not Lose
Is Possible

Hurt Him

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going well
Tasks Assigned

Amelia Cure
Zero Scout
Maduin Trap

Keep On
Feel Him
Hates Us
Fears Us

Ignore Reach
He's Mine
Learning Tricks
Workings, Rules

See Him
See Them
Agents Fear
They're Hunted

Friday, November 5, 2010

I left in San Fransisco

You know, there's a cut song from 'Fiddler on the Roof' it's called 'When Messiah Comes.' It has a nice chorus.

Since the first days, many men said, get thee out
Kings they were, they're all gone...
We're still here...

I'm(Sage) still here...I think I'll always be here. I went into the woods. Just like I did the other places. I was so so tired. I don't dream any more, and the smell has faded, but there's...nothing there. I envy Shaun and Jay...they're gone. I know it. At least they're free. That much I know for sure, others are His, in Other Side, on the the Whispers...still afraid. Shaun and Jay are (Free), gone to a better place, or returned again, or beyond pain or whatever your soul knows to be right.

I(Sage) stood there in the woods, in my suit. I finally realized the picture I made. It's so so funny. I'm a little pissed that the (Shaman) didn't tell me that my role as the Sage had shifted. But it was more important that I figure it out on my own.

I(Sage) have the Weapon. It's such a simple little thing really. It came from a -Triumph.-

I(Sage) watched it...maybe I was lured into the woods to see it...maybe there's a Higher Power helping...or at least giving us the chance to help ourselves.

It was a boy and a girl, a girl scout and her very annoyed brother (I assumed brother, I don't know, but it feels right.) doing some kind of badge work or something. The /Construct/ appeared before them, I could see it slowly stalk and then emerge. The boy saw him first and screamed. I tried to step in, but I tripped on a root and fell, black leather shoes are designed for business jungles, not woodland jungles.

The girl, oh I wish you all could have seen her, dirty faced and dark haired, glasses and braces, a Valkyrie in Girl Scout Brown. She takes out a whistle, and a swiss army knife. She blows on that whistle and the woods seem to shudder, then she stabs Him with that little knife.

/Construct/ lets out that sound of pain, a thousand times louder, and wraps a limb around the girl's arms. I'm still prone on the ground, but the brother returns, a Knight in a Clone Wars t-shirt, and pulls her free. She's still blowing on that whistle, and then they run. They run and run. They didn't know what they had faced. They

I(Sage) laughed. I got to my feet and pointed at the Slender Man, yes no longer a Construct, not for that moment, and I laugh and laugh. The Jedi joke alone is just too funny, add in a routine about cookies and 20 dollars and you have to agree that -Something- has a sense of humor.

The Devil truly cannot abide to be mocked. It was literally right infront of my face...I spat in His blank visage. He just left. Off for other victims, off like the smoke that He prides himself on being, He was gone. And I understood.

Because the Swiss Army knife was left behind.

It's coated with Substance tinged with something black. I can't open it, of course, I'm not the one who's supposed to open it.

I will keep it safe, and I know where to keep it safe. Where its power will stay static and nebulous like the Construct. The Shaman knew I would find it, but the moment I find it, it stops being the Weapon...unless it's on Other Side.

If the Weapon is on Other Side, then He can find it and remove it...unless there is a part of Other Side that keeps it someone dumb enough to drink Substance.

There will be Three New Sages...actually they're already here, the titles are there for them to take, and all the power and danger that goes with them. Gather intel, find armor, shield, other weapons, passages, or the Champions...or at the least keep spreading the message to fight. Of all duties, that last one is the most vital. Remember us though, and how we went out, kicking, screaming, terrified, but not afraid. That is our legacy, and it has to be yours as well. Wear the title with pride, should you take it, and I weep for your suffering.

He cannot touch me now, I am just as part of Other Side as he is, and if he tried I would Attach him to one side or the other, so that he could be killed or would never be able to reach This Side again. He's a coward at heart really.

It is my new duty. I'll keep the Weapon safe, and when the Champion comes to claim it, it will be theirs to take. I'm going to walk into the Shed Door, dressed in my business suit, and this hideous pink and yellow striped tie my grandmother gave me. I also have this little hand powered safety flashlight with me, a small green light. Look for it, when you need to look for it, me, and what I have.


Robert (Guardian)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Bastard's too smart for His own good. The HYBRIDS(Champions) attacked him with a baseball bat...lost yes, but...Evan(----) may be...

No, no can't say. Way too dangerous. Not yet.

Either way /Construct/ has shown one of His cards...I(Sage) can work with this.

TribeTwelve is more dangerous...growing, reaching, almost forgot about that aspect and now its back. Betrayed by my(Sage) own data. Funny really.

/Construct/ has to be Grounded. That's how Der Ritter(Dead) was taken, forced to be something here...or the other way has to happen someone needs to be Grounded to Other Side. Right now, as always we're(Fighters) fighting smoke.

Still, Crossover Items work the best and work for a long while. The wood of Der Ritter's scythe handle was from Other Side, even though it's been replaced it's the same Handle...the Operator Symbol made with Substance was something created on This Side using something on Other Side.

I(Sage) carry a bowie knife with me (In suitcase, no need for it when in the air) that's coated with the last of the Substance. It works...not well...not forever...but it will work for long enough until I find the Real Weapon.

Nothing here can hurt Him, no true weapons exist on Other Side, mixing the two is vital. The last part...I(Sage) think I have theories. Time, place, shape...but the one I want to try last...the one that makes the most sense...all stories need blood in them.