Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gotcha! wanna know WHY that ranty little crazy post was cut short?

Cause that was when the police kicked open my door and found a bunch of masked crazies tearing up my house.

After I(Sage) ran, I called the police. I work for a Medical Company, cops had NO problem buying my 'assaulted by junkies' story, mostly because it's happened to my co-workers.

I waved at them/Agents/ as the police hauled them away. Normally I would have erased that little post of theirs, I only found it after I finished cleaning up my place. However, they referenced me as the Sage, which means its working and the Core Theory is holding.

On the downside the bastards destroyed the Substance samples that I didn't grab in my exit. All I have left is a small orb about the size of a malted milkball and the jar of water I dissolved some of it into.

Still...a win is a win. And I'm(Sage) counting this as a win.