Monday, September 27, 2010

Negative Contact


No Visitations. No /Agents/. No hallucinations either auditory or visual. No distortion on my video surveillance cameras. Nothing.

Meanwhile Shaun(Victim) has become an /Agent/ and Jay's(Sage) making amazing progress with his experiments.

I'm(Sage) however, treading water, staring at a little lump of black tree sap and a jar of green water. I've got plans and schedules, everything is ready...but there's just no activity. No, there's one bit of activity on my(Sage) end. It was the last appearance of the /Construct/ before this period of inactivity ended. He appeared on one of my surveillance tapes upon later review (Common occurrence). It was near the end of the tree line, where the power converter station is. Normally there's never been any activity there...but the last sighting had Him physically open the door to a small utility shack there and enter it. I went over there to examine it, in the day, and found it firmly locked. Hold on...

Ah. Alright it's been about twenty minutes since I(Sage) started up again. According to my tapes, I have received a Visitation every night. That door opens slightly every night, at 11:11pm(Recurring numbers common theme) and then shuts at 5:55am.

I(Sage) think that's an invitation.

Of course, there are traps, and then there are Traps, and then there's this which might as well have TRAP in twenty foot high neon letters...

Do I have any other options though?