Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still Stable

It's okay. I'm(Sage) still here. I've destroyed the recordings. Shuan(Sage), heh I TOLD you that we(Three Sages) would refuse to let you fall to the /Construct./ Jay,(Sage) this is important. You HAVE to be as convicted on the impossibility of Shaun's further -Infection- and how we can use it against the /Construct./ Any information that you can remember Shaun is important. Don't stress yourself, but try.

I(Sage) don't know why I(Sage) thought it was the ocean. There was a sound of water...but it wasn't waves. Not what I thought at first. It sounded like a rushing river...I don't know. Either way, something to note I suppose.

I'm(Sage) going to try the rc car tactic tonight.

I've(Sage) decided to not fight it. If I resist the -compulsion- then it just becomes stronger until I break and wander in halfway to being an /Agent./ I accept my fate, and I can control it. I feel more in control. I have to go...but not now, and not without preparation.

That's how Zeke(Mystic) did it...how's he's still out there. You accept that there are things outside your control, cinder blocks and rebar...but you control yourself, you control your own mind, you can't control fate, but you can shape your destiny.

I(Sage) know it doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm already affected...but I'm not letting /Construct/ have a clean win.

I(Sage) caused Him pain. That means that bastard can bleed.

That means Someone(Hero,Warrior,Guardian) will be able to kill him.

It wont be me, but when that person emerges, or takes on that title...then they'll find that someone has gone before them...and stacked the deck in their favor.