Thursday, September 23, 2010


Alexis(Victim) once said this to me...I(Sage) think she got it from one of the Japanese cartoons she enjoyed to watch. (I despise those things, of course this is coming from a person who loathes animation in general, so my opinion on that matter is biased.) May those who accept their fate be granted happiness, may those who defy it be granted glory. I've been thinking about that quote a lot.

It sounded like inane moralizing claptrap, and still is really...but...I(Sage) suppose when you go seeking for something to give yourself solace, you'll cling to anything that you can grasp.

It always surprises people to know that I'm(Sage) a very spiritual person. They see me as a type of doctor, a person who dissects everything in existence, the type of man who worships himself and his own cleverness. The fact that I pray and believe in a Higher Creator or Prime Mover conflicts their expectations.

I'm(Sage) not one for religion, though. Also, I will be the first to say that finding sanctuary in a church or trying to exorcise the /Construct/ are acts of futility at best. Nor do I believe that God is a man with a white beard, or even any sort of human. God is God.

And God is cruel. Otherwise, we couldn't be human. Stephen King once wrote that the cruelest thing God can do is let us live. I think M(Hermit) might agree.

A(Coward) asked about his title and debated that since he is without fear, then he should not qualify for such a title. I'm(Sage) not surprised at all by his(Coward) lack of understanding regarding the Titles, and the whole nature of Fear. The Coward never is 'afraid,' quite the opposite. The 'Coward' just avoids the fight, lives off other people, and in the end will die a sad, cold, lonely death. You see them in -concepts- all the time.

Anyway, enough of the -High Concept- navel gazing crap. You want to know about the Substance and what I found out about it.

It does conduct electricity, despite the Fire Retardant presence. When exposed to open flame it acts like magnesium. A massive flash of bright white light. Lower heat, in this case a frying pan, shows no result. While I'd like to work on finding the melting point of the Substance, lack of material forces me to end heat tests.

Cold tests show no effect. No condensation forms on the Substance, nor frost. It just loses it's tacky texture for a while until exposed to warmer temperatures.

As far as I can tell from equipment I 'borrowed' from work, it's cellular make-up is identical to tree sap. Simple cellular construction identical to plant cells. Also it dissolves in water, but a small amount (Say the size of a pin head), when dissolved in water, can turn 2 cups of water a light, translucent, green color. Say one or two drops of green food dye will get a similar result.

Haven't begun with the saturated water, allowing to sit for further study.

I also found that this substance, while being able to conduct electricity, also has some adverse effect on electronic devices. Putting it near (less than 6 inches) a television or computer screen will cause the screen to go into static. It is not magnetic though.

Shows no corrosive properties as of yet, experiments still on going.

High tonal frequencies (Tuning fork) show no effect.

I have saved the best for last though.

As I said, it's slightly sticky, and leaves a light yellow/greenish residue. I carefully used it to mark out an Operator Symbol(Proven Sigil) and set it up outside, where the /Construct/ makes his usual appearance to observe and assault me with -Emotional Imbalances.-

He showed up.

There was a flash of bright light, similar to what happens when the Substance is exposed to open flame.

Then I was an awful noise. It sounded like a cat being dragged across a blackboard, clawing and yowling. I suffered a panic attack and almost dropped into the fetal position. But the /Construct/ left, and the irrational terror left soon after.

Then I realized what happened.

I(Sage) made that fucker scream in pain.