Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey man, we need to talk.
We're in the same area actually.
I'll see you in the Library after hours.
This isn't a trap or a trick.
All of my clock's are running out soon, and I don't have any desire to waste time fighting with you.
Can't say I approve, but I'm done dictating what people's roles are.
A little late, I know.
Anyway, I'll be there. Come to talk, or come to fight, your call.
See you soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Back Again

No way of making you guys trust this, but it is me. You wont see that bastard here anymore. He's not leaving Cynthia, too risky.

If you're wondering how I dropped off the radar...don't. It was a chancy procedure at best, I got lucky, and even then I'm not going to see Christmas. My hair's already started to fall out.

Anyway, I'm not trying to fight Him anymore. Finally understand that it's not my bit. The Core Theory is true, but not how I wanted it to be. He will be ended, and there will be signs...but not now, and not to me. What person doesn't hope to be a hero at some point in his life? It wasn't my part though, I tried to make it my own. Reshape things, and let us all reform this into something we wanted...and naturally it was wrongheaded at the start. This is a river that forks in many places, and bends several times. You CAN choose your destiny in how to end this, but it will end...usually with Him.

I am not supposed to, can not, will not, stop Him.

However, I am going to kill Redlight. That much I CAN do.
And I know how.
But it has to be fast, because if he gets away then he's gone.

A little note to all of his flunkies and wellwishers. He's not trying to save you as well. All those puppets? He's going to leave them to rot, and leave you with Him. Odds are that he's going to kill you in his exodus. Redlight cares only for his own hide, and despite his show and dance along with his lies, he doesn't care for Cynthia.

He only cares about his own escape...and his escape vehicle.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank you for informing me. Especially for doing it so publicly.
I understand that you did not have a phone and I insisted on an update at the soonest possible moment.
So please report back...

I have to give you a proper debriefing.
He's not here.
Apartment's empty, just this laptop and a sticky note that had the password for this blog.


Redlight, are you CERTAIN that Sagel isn't dead?
Then how is he no longer Seen?

Friday, April 1, 2011


Back home. Returned to my job. Been living normal since the last time I put info in here, give or take a few days of interview and travel.

Please do not contact me or visit me. I'm going to have to go silent for a while. Too much activity here will ruin everything.

I'll be back though. This is not a retreat.

Because --- will come back here. --- will try for the kids in the park across from work again. --- will leak into people's minds once more.

Winning is impossible. Defeat is a pipe dream.

But I can Not Lose.

Of course, this might be just another failed attempt...but the New Theory is complete.

And as I said before, I have lived long enough to become a tired old fool, weak in so many ways.

What is left for me but Windmills?