Thursday, September 23, 2010

Close Call

Holy...oh, dear sweet Lord above in Heaven. I thank thee for thy compassion and blessings upon my courage and my folly.

Jay(Sage) suggested that Chemically Induced Amnesia was an option, and that I should try it on an /Agent./ Although, I lack the skills to do an injection into the Hippocampus.  Maybe A(Coward) will volunteer to help me practice.

You know...I do have access to a pharmacy in my position. I'll look into seeing if there's anything that can cause that condition. Although, it still seems like a stop gap, as opposed to an actual solution.

Anyway, must explain the event.

I had just finished typing out my last entry when I look up and there, in my window during dusk, was /Construct./

My use of code names and strange titles is confusing to some and muddies up my data a little...but it's a way to protect others, and it grants me some feeling of control over the situation which is SO vital...anyway.

I see Him, and instantly I scream and begin to go into my usual vocal rant. Verbal abuse, taunts, threats, recitations from the Bible (New King James, Gospel of Mark, Chapter 5 on), normally this has no effect other than giving me something to focus upon while I'm looking at him. This time however, I was -compelled- with a massive surge of emotion. (Look into possible testosterone, adrenaline, and other neurochemicals for counteractions.) Mainly fear, and aggression. Just a desire to be DONE with this mess...

Records show history of being 'lured' into /Construct's/ this new method?

Either way, I hurled open the window...but in my anger. I also grabbed one of my newly purchased fire extinguishers and blasted the entire thing at him. There was a massive cloud, and I was also screaming at the time...but when it cleared, I was unharmed and the /Construct/ had departed from His position.

Naturally I closed and secured the window. Still reluctant on the use of Operator Symbols. Have to use them when I have few options left.

Anyway, no idea if the fire extinguisher was the cause or if there was some other force that caused His exodus...maybe He just decided to leave. Either way, I'm not risking fate by trying it again, but I encourage others to attempt it.

For the record. It was a Dry Chemical, class ABC extinguisher, that sprayed monoammonium phosphate. It's a yellowish powder, although the typical sticky residue that normally accompanies it was not seen at the site. Also of note, the material is slightly caustic and is exceptionally damaging to electrical appliances. No idea if that is of any significance, but it should be recorded.