Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Was it good for you too?

You know, if you WANTED some of my Mac'n Cheese dear, you just could have ASKED.

Enjoy babysitting Little Sis. Although, here's my prediction...she's going to come back to her big bro's team, by her own free will. Cathy and Tony are not good people, and they're worse parents.

Give Reach my best, have fun with that whole thing where you feel your body dying all around you. (Yes, I just referenced the Last Unicorn, what of it? Cynthia asked to see a movie last night.) Here's for the best, and invite me to the wedding, okay?

Anyway, the proxies and other lovely folk icing themselves over our little custody disagreement? As much as I love the idea, and enjoy to take credit...and you know I LOVE to take credit...it's not me. It's either some other Revenant trying to earn favor, or part of He That Is acting up out of disappointment. I don't know. I don't care. As the song goes 'Let the bodies hit the floor.' I have to apply MORE Bactine to my hand. Although, I admit the red hoodie with black operator symbol on hood/red-green-black camo pants/black sneakers/and bandaged hands are probably going to do wonders for my fanart/cosplay inclined fans.

Dear Hoz...I'd love a song. Something either big and broadway or jazzy that swings. I mean...this is the villain's song right? Everyone KNOWS that it's the best part of the show!

Now...what am I forgetting...what am I forgetting...OH! Riiiiight! Robbie! Yeah, poor guy's all tired and sleeping...a long day of vacant stares and drooling will do that to you.

Hey here's a joke, I'll let you figure out the punch line.

How are Robert and I different?

Well...on Sunday I'll be out drinking and will have a bottle in front of me,
but Robert on Sunday will be in the hospital and have a...

Can you guess?