Monday, February 21, 2011

Can't Read My...Can't Read My...Can't Read My Poker Face!

You all play chess...I'm fond of shogi, especially the bit where you can turn your opponent's  captured pieces against them.

I'd thought I'd give all of my friends and well-wishers a fond farewell. Cynthia's favorite Big Bro and Big Sis will be dropping off the grid for a bit. Errands and what not. Don't worry, we'll be back and you'll certainly see us around. So, I'll leave this space back up for ol' Rob when he gets better...and then worse...and then better...and then worse...well you know that shtick already.

Anyway, everyone else be good. Listen to Cynthia, I gave her instructions and she's in charge now when you aren't obeying He That Is.

Leave Robbie, Reach, Tony, and pretty much ALL of the Fighters/Keepers/Runners alone. I'm calling for a full pullback. Don't go near them. Don't taunt them. DON'T attack them. Pull away entirely. No trails to follow, no threads to grasp. Actually...yeah, how often in life can one be able to pull off a quote like this?

With apologies to Roddenberry for my changes...

(clears throat and puts on best Ricardo Montalban accent)

I've done far worse than kill them, I've HURT them. All of them. And I wish to go on...hurting them. So I shall leave them...marooned in their misery, as He That Is takes them one by one, marooned with their dead plans...a dead hope, buried with their misery...buried alive.