Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black Leaves

Weird occurrence today.
I'm close enough to the store to walk there and back to my hotel, but it's still about eight city blocks both ways. A walk, but I like it. Fresh-ish air, exercise, outside among people, etc.

Anyway, I'm on block two on the way back. I make a turn, and I groan. It looked like another delusion. Dead quiet street. No one in sight. The trees on the sidewalk are filled with Black Leaves. I just ignore it, note the time on my watch, and keep walking. I'm nearing the end of the block when I see, across the street Orange Letterman Jacket again. (My new stalker I suppose, anyone see this guy before?) He does a double take when he sees me. Shouts 'How the Hell? Oh shit, I left it open!' and tries to run across the street. I pick up the pace and turn the block.

I'm suddenly back in the normal world. Talking people, cars, normal trees, etc. I'm also right in front of my hotel. That's six blocks traveled in a few minutes. I checked my watch. No lost time.

What the hell happened? Where the hell was I?