Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moving apart

Alright, this is good. Got a lot of data to sort through, have a bunch of people to contact, going to take a bit to send out all those messages. Also, apologies on using the coalition term, poetic license and I needed to use one of those terms. No names. No Titles. Nothing like that. That's not what this is.

Zeke, next time you see that bastard, hurt him. Also, be careful with that stuff he left. It's not going to be 100% bullshit and traps. Probably mixed in just enough truth to let you hang yourself.

Got a tip about the 'Playhouse.' A Revenant in an orange letterman jacket and orange hat with reflective safety tape on it 'dropped' it after 'stalking' me. It's easier to spot them now I know what to look for. It's their skin. It's wrong. Too tight in some places, loose in others, and their cheek bones twitch too much. Reach probably knows why this happens.

Anyway, the guy 'dropped' it when ran when he saw that I had seen him. It's a map with a bunch of places circled and scribble code. One of them is written normally as 'Playhouse.'
It's a trap. Obviously. I'm not going. doesn't feel like ---. None of this recent Revenant activity does. It's weird.
I mean, heavens know that there are still plenty of Hallowed around that act as 'standard' but the Revenants are becoming more and more odd as they go along. Reach's rebellion. redlight's creativity. Attacking Thage even though she has a 'truce.'

They're developing their own codes, conducts, and even how they treat ---. Less as an absolute master and more as a semi-distant deity. Someone who they owe fealty and who is unquestionable...but not something that openly gives orders.

I think the Revenants are starting to schism. --- gave them too much free will in order to combat us. Now, 'human' nature is taking to speak.

Now, whether or not this actually happens or not is up in the air. Also, no idea if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Still, something to consider.