Thursday, February 10, 2011

Powers above

I am very very drunk. I am also...speanding about five minutes making sure I haven't misspelled anything.

I'm also damn happy cause guesss who beat off the bastard agtain? Wait...that sounded kinda bad. I mean I got him to run away. Yeah, that's it Slendy, take off and don't come back or I'll sing more Journey songs at youy!

Maybe I should explain.

Okay, I'm in the lobby of the hotel, and I just finished calling Sophie at work (She's fin BTW tottally unaware.) and I see HIM again, across the way by this pillar. Usual stalky stuff, no one else sees him but me...and these little tourist family kids, I think they sorta saw him cause one's crying but ones all spacey.

So, I walk into the hortel bar. The bastard prefers my discomfort and fear as apposed to kids. Not sure why. I still fear him you know. You can't see the Black Leaves and not...

He's not just Death. I mean we all know we're gonna die, but we don't KNOW it...cept around him. But there's something more. He's the random cruelty of the Uncaring Universe. There's nothing to stop him, not for long...we run, fight, hide, and nothing works. He still comes and we still die, or we lose our minds trying to understand that stuff. I can we stand it? It's the shadows on Aristotle's wall or something...was it Aristotle?

Damn I'm drunk.

Anyway, so I'm in the bar and SLendderman follows me in, just standing there watching me ignore him with the help of six or seven scotches...and it's working rather well. It's also Kareoke night at the hotel, there's some college kids, Japanese business men, and a bachelorette party. People are singing, and I decide to throw caution, and my liver, to the wind. What's he gonna do? Kill me for singing out of tune?

Probably best that I didn't think avbout that art the time.

Anyway, I go up, and I just hit the random 'greatest hits' button, and then that piano intro we ALLL know and love starts up, and I belt out that song I love (BEFORE it was on Family UGy, the Sopranos or glee damnbit) and it was probably the scotch but I was doing the best version I've ever did.

And the entire crowd joined in. About 30ish poeple joined in song, fun time.

Slendy ignored my singing...but when everyone joined in on the first Niiiiiiiight it started to twitch. By the time the Movie Never Ends...he was spasming like crazy...and then he RAN. Wrapped his tenticles around his head, like he was blockingout the sound and RAN.

And now I'm here...and I give thanks to the Prime Mover.
People always mistake it when I talk about the Prime Mover, they think I'm talking about God...and I am., but I'm not. The universe started as a big ball of STUFF (Maybe, I donwanna fight you if you don't buy htat) and then that ball went BOOM and now that STUFF is Everything. The force or action that caused A to become B was the Prime Mover. Maybe it was outside, maybe it was from within...but it's the thing I think that lets some poeple roll 6 10s in a row in Craps. Peopl;e think that the Prime Mover is out to get no no I don't think that. The Universe is just so...BIG and RANDOM and CRUEL...but there are little things.

M's continued survival.
Zero's glory.
All those damn Proxies we've smashed.
Zeke's...well...jsut Zeke.
My continued surivval.

You can;t stop the Universe or Death from being capricious or cruel, and Slendy's just another facet of that (Not Death itself though, that guy's a connsumate professional as weall know.) But the Prime Mover is there...helping can't change the Universe. Nothing can...but it helps wants us to win...and somethimes we roll a hard 10 and win. So tonight I toast to the Prime Mover. May it watch over us and it is.

Or maybe I'm just really realyl drunk.