Friday, February 18, 2011

Good news!

Yep, good news for everyone. Those morons who tried to hurt Ava's mother became aware that they need to re-evaluate their role in the world of He That Is. There are rules, which is why I was allowed to be, to search around the rules...and now I am doing just that.
A few more loose cannons, Revenant and Proxy are now firmly in my network. I might have to put together a cocktail party so we can all get to know each other. They gather together, under me...I will bring them what they want. None of us want to return to human I will make a new option.
In two days Robert's not going to have a care in the world anymore. Finally. You know, it's slated for early on Sunday, so tick tock heroes. I hate him, and I hate Reach, burning triumphant while being whole and intact. I will kill Reach one day...but useful...but I have to obey my an extent.
And best of all, I got my Little Sis back! We're watching Pinky and the Brain cartoons with Rob. I also got Cynthia her own hoodie! An adorable looking pink one. I do this for her, for Letterman, for those that have no names anymore.
Anyway, I'm in too good of a mood to taunt or heckle or anything like that. In fact, hey, how about a deal? Zeke? You want me to deal with Fisk? He's kind of an ass, and reminds me FAR too much of that monster Connaghan...Connahan...whatever that shithead's name was. He isn't important anymore anyway. You killed him, He That Is dealt with the rest of him, and I picked up the scraps. Little threads here and there, pull them together, to pull myself and the others away.
As always, all I ask for is a 'please.'