Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yeah, you two...just go. Do whatever. I'll stay here, don't worry. I just...need some time. Head's still cloudy, and I'm gonna go through a big ass withdrawal from being doped up so much for so long.
I remember a some important things though.

First: redlight is WAY smarter than we thought.

Two: There's a reason for that.

Three: It's a title, NOT a singular person. There's more than one redlight

Four: They all dress the same and sound the same, but it's a trick. Voice changer, and they described their look JUST for that reason. The one I clobbered wasn't the one who schooled Reach, and the one in Ireland isn't the one in Fairfax. It also explains the 'no memory of who they are' thing.

Five: They communicate with each other but it's not telepathy. They can't talk to each other, but there's a data exchange. Unsure on specifics.

Six: This data exchange isn't solely real-time. You wanna know how redlight played us? They knew our moves BEFORE HAND.

Seven: More redlight in the 'network' the stronger it is.

Eight: Guess what their plan for Cynthia and Eva is?

Nine: They're undoubtedly working towards freeing themselves from ---'s control. They're behind the schism.

Ten: They hate you Reach. More than you can possibly imagine.

Good news: We're not totally screwed. It's not a perfect prediction system. The one watching me complained about 'Variables shifting' 'Outdated Information' 'Ruined Scenarios' and 'High probability.'

So, NEVER take a redlight lead, NEVER follow redlight...and if you see or even THINK that you're involved with a redlight then bail. They lead us around and fit us into their scenarios, act randomly and they have to start all over. Matt? Shut up, yes you were right. Congratulations.

Now, I'm gonna go pass out for a bit.