Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Times at Fairfax

You know...I'd like to share a funny little observation I've seen humanity do.

You never blame the right person.

Cathy's ex-husband runs away to save his wife and daughter and keeps He That Is away from them for years on end, he suffers and is alone and often in pain. In the end, of course, his efforts are for naught and Wifey and dear little Cynthia are taken into our happy community. There's a lot of hooplah, and lo and behold there's a climatic scene in the woods where hubby comes to the rescue of his dear maiden.

Yes there's a lot of extra emotional baggage, but at the core that's what happened.

Now, does dear sweet wifey thank hubby for his sacrifice? Thank him for trying to protect his family? Thank him for saving her life?


She brains him and blames him for the whole thing.

You would be so surprised at how many times I see it. He That Is takes a child, the parents SEE Him...and what do they do?

They tear each other apart.

'It's your fault' 'You should have protected her' 'You should have believed her' 'You should have been there'

Over and over and over again.

Never once is He That Is blamed, never once do they fault the Revenants, never do they look up into the sky and blame God. Nope! It's always the person that's closest, that's easiest to blame, that will take your endless abuse with a smile and a wave.

It's pathetic, and it's why Cathy will have to grow old and die without ever getting her girl back.

She doesn't deserve her.

Oh, but don't worry Cathy! Cynthia's good and safe with her 'big brother' watching over her. I'm teaching her so many things.

Like tonight for instance, the lesson was 'What happens to people who are stupid' with Uncle Robbie as the special teacher's aide!

Normally I'd have Robert give a lecture, but he was just too doped up, sitting there limp in the chair while Cynthia sat in his lap. (It was SOOO cute. I took a picture!) She even doodled an Operator Symbol on his green hospital scrubs. He just drooled. I thought it was rude. Anyway, we had to leave, but I left a good amount of folks around him to make sure he, or anyone else, didn't help himself out of his condition.

Ava, I want you to remember my lesson though. Because, all those others who survived the fire? The other people who got hurt? They will not blame He That Is, and they certainly wont blame me. They'll blame you. Doesn't matter what the truth is. Oh, and if you'd like to get me a valentine gift of my own? I LOVE peanut brittle.

Reach, buddy! Your Catherine is SUCH a good sport. Now, she's rather upset, and in denial but there's one more thing you need to remember.

She's in Ireland.
You're not.
And He That Is now Sees her.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I am a very busy man, and I only get a few moments to relax and work on my chess game.