Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy lungs still burn like hell, two broken ribs and the rest are cracked, and my left hand is smashed. Also, when I got to he emergency room, my left eyeball was dangling from it's optic nerve. I forgot about the problems that come with the pressure difference.
Reach is still out cold in my hotel room tub. He's bleeding, blue, frostbitten, and not moving, but a revenant has...hell if I know. Still...I think he has a chance.
No idea about the innocent. Didn't see her or redlight, didn't see the surface either. But if redlight's babble was anything accurate, he's not allowed to break the rules of his deals. Not without losing his free will to ---.
Letterman's gone, probably going to be hunted down by redlight.
The morals of this story?
1) Humans should not use the Path of Black Leaves for anything more than a minute.
2) Screw you redlight.
3) I am a stupid stupid stupid man...but I'm also damn lucky.