Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Purpose

Okay folks, had a moment to relax, collected my insurance money, taking a paid vacation. (Thank you redlight, for giving me SUCH a good work history.) And now, I have a purpose.

Cathy, if you're still active after that fire, Cynthia is now my priority. I'm going to try and find her.

I have two leads actually. Cathy says she couldn't see Cynthia's page and posts. Who do we know that has that trick? I'm going to find my dear devoted associate, and then...Ava what's a good cricket term for 'beat the living hell out of that jackass until I learn something and then beat him some more after that'? This is more than just a random hunch though. redlight left his own journals and scribbles as well as babbled to himself CONSTANTLY. He KNOWS where the others are, save for you Reach, they don't respect the little weasel (Surprise surprise) but they consult with him. Probably because he's got higher faculties left.

Also I wont lie, this is TOTAL payback as well.

My second lead? It's a greenlight memory. I remember greenlight being (or at least thinking that he was) in a building, no idea where, but it was an abandoned one, and pretty big. Three red brick walls and one grey concrete...I think. Either way, all four walls were upright and intact, but the roof was missing. Outside the building is pretty much nothing but generic scrub. Inside, there's a couple of trees, and a massive amount of undergrowth and moss and other plant life.

greenlight drew that place a couple of times, along with stick figure children with ---. He labeled it as 'Playhouse.'

Either way, Cathy...I'm going to find your girl. I give no promises on status or sanity, I'm sorry but I wont give you false hope like that. I may have a few tricks, but I'm not a miracle worker.

However, I wont let you suffer. I wont let you feel that gasp of awful hope at every knock at the door or every stranger you see on the street, hoping that it's her, only to suffer a little more when it never is her.

I will bring her home. I promise.

And you all are going to help me, damnit. Requests, theories, experiments, and other instructions will follow. We've been too disorganized and concerned with saving our own skins. Time to step it up.