Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm free.
I'm in a hospital, but I'm free.
They charge too damn much for wifi here, it's late, and I'm full of morphine, so I'll make this quick. I'll tell the whole story later. Cliff notes version now.

I got out by setting my place on fire.
Fought redlight, he broke my nose, I shoved his hand down the trash disposal and turned it on.
Bastard ran, still alive.
Stared --- in the 'face' before --- left when the fire trucks showed.
Firemen found me and pulled me out. Got me here. Said it was a nasty gas accident...which it was. Heheheh. Thank you Chef Boyardee, my escape partner.
I remember a lot of stuff I forgot.
greenlight was insane, couldn't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
But I can.
And not everything greenlight saw was insanity.
Gonna heal up. Rest.
Then...back to work.
Good to be back.
Let's kick some emaciated ass.