Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi, my name's Sophie. I work for this call center for a medical company. I don't know who this guy was that worked at this computer but...he...look I turn it on and I see a file titled 'For You, Important.' In it is a link to this blog, and a word document with the username and password for this blog, instructions to change the password, and this thing below titled 'To Post' and then about thirty pages of that weird scrambled stuff you get when you try to run a graphics program on a text program.

Having all of this here is creepy. So, I'm posting it, and then deleting everything. Good bye.

You have to understand something important about concepts. They can't exist in a static state or a one time only occurrence, they have to be performed, tested, examined, redone, and then realigned. Always redone over and over again until it's refined to a level of razor sharpness. 

Stories only work if they're constantly retold.

A theory HAS to be restarted and retested. Other wise the data becomes stagnant and useless.

The only problem is that I know soon that I'm going to be worse than useless. Delusional, misleading, I may get people killed. Clever thing made me into a trap. I'm already starting to see things and babble. Time loss is common place now. Set this up, hope it works, continue the Core Theory research, and keep my mind clear of fantasy and drama.

Do NOT involve whomever drops the breadcrumbs. Corruption far too easy, that was my mistake, made gamble, won a little, made bigger gamble, won a bit more, made even bigger gamble, lost it, went all in to get it back, and now I'm not sane anymore. Risk is inevitable, but there's a difference between risk and being stupid. To any I have hurt, I am sorry.

Also, and I hope to God no one is still using them, drop all titles. They're traps now. Variable nature of the creature has adapted to them. 

Hopefully this will start the next round of studies of the Core Theory. It's unreliable, but then again so is my mind. Expect babble and delusions. If by some miracle I'm still alive, try and find me in whatever hole I'm in babbling to myself.

Given up on the idea of weaponry and fighting. It's too counterproductive.

Since I'm losing my mind, losing time, losing myself, I've decided to work on that. The new goal of the Core Theory, other than the Ultimate Neutralization of Him, is to develop a way that Runners can maintain their sanity.

Hopefully, I'll finish this avenue of research before I lose my own.