Saturday, October 30, 2010


Still here. Still wasn' wasn't nice those past few days.

Those times I(Sage) spent in the quiet of the Parks? A lure...there are many many ways into and out of Other Side.

I(Sage) spent six hours in the Swamp.

The trees whisper to you, and the water's lukewarm.

/Construct/ didn't get me(Sage) or hunt me, or even know I was there until I was gone...Ithink He was occupied elsewhere...honestly, there's no difference between a path and a path in the Swamp.

It(Artifact) has to be a blade. Possibly an enchanted bullet...but a blade will always work. All version of the -Entity- that the /Construct/ originates from are felled by blades.

The trick is discovering what kind. It's nebulous shifting nature makes it hard to pin down...a Hydra. Lop off an arm with one blade, and when it regrows, the blade is now useless...

I'm(Sage) missing something...there's one more part...Blade, Substance, and one more thing...ugh. Too tired. I need to sleep.