Sunday, October 3, 2010

Translation Complete

Alright, I(Sage) caved in and tried to translate the /Construct's/ whispers. Very very very stupid of me and I did some stuff that would make M(Hermit) yell at me for a good hour and a half. However, I...managed understanding, and got something that was coherent enough to figure out. /Construct/ apparently was not used to direct communications, not sure if He knows how really. Normally just His presence is enough to cause the human mind to go off on its how Zeke's(Mystic) /Agent/ saw Him as the Angel of Death.

Anyway, this is a bit of Good News/Bad News.

Good News: Zeke(Mystic), congratulations, you're at the top of /Construct's/ hit list. He HATES you more than anyone else. You have survived and you have shouted loudly that He was to be fought. This has caused Him more trouble than ANY. OTHER. THING. So bravo.

The Sages are next. The /Construct/ loathes us for our efforts and specifically to Jay(Sage) for robbing him not only of (Victims) but of an /Agent/ as well. Shaun(Sage) you rebuked his control, that was a concept unknowable to Him, and until you did it, impossible to anyone else. I(Sage) caused Him pain. Also, not something that was possible until I forced it to be.

M? can I say this man? He -cherishes- you. The idea of you running and running and running forever, spreading Him in your wake is -pleasing.-

The rest he didn't speak of.

Great News: Zeke(Mystic), Sages? I think...I think as long as we don't commit /Acts of Despair/ then when we Go, we Go to Beyond. He can't get us. That was part of His rage, /Construct/ implied that we may be beyond his reach after we Go but He will...

Well...that's what the Bad News is:

If/When the /Construct/ gets us...He said it will not be quick...and that it will be very painful. Images...dreams...of trees on Other for each of Us Who Fight...we will not be bagged. We(Fighters) will be spread across the limbs...and we will scream. We will scream for a long long time before we Go.

But after that we are Out of His reach. there.