Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Bastard's too smart for His own good. The HYBRIDS(Champions) attacked him with a baseball bat...lost yes, but...Evan(----) may be...

No, no can't say. Way too dangerous. Not yet.

Either way /Construct/ has shown one of His cards...I(Sage) can work with this.

TribeTwelve is more dangerous...growing, reaching, almost forgot about that aspect and now its back. Betrayed by my(Sage) own data. Funny really.

/Construct/ has to be Grounded. That's how Der Ritter(Dead) was taken, forced to be something here...or the other way has to happen someone needs to be Grounded to Other Side. Right now, as always we're(Fighters) fighting smoke.

Still, Crossover Items work the best and work for a long while. The wood of Der Ritter's scythe handle was from Other Side, even though it's been replaced it's the same Handle...the Operator Symbol made with Substance was something created on This Side using something on Other Side.

I(Sage) carry a bowie knife with me (In suitcase, no need for it when in the air) that's coated with the last of the Substance. It works...not well...not forever...but it will work for long enough until I find the Real Weapon.

Nothing here can hurt Him, no true weapons exist on Other Side, mixing the two is vital. The last part...I(Sage) think I have theories. Time, place, shape...but the one I want to try last...the one that makes the most sense...all stories need blood in them.