Friday, October 8, 2010

Writing from Airport terminal. Done with Commune, going to Reservation next. Plane is leaving soon. Decided to risk this. Also, Airports? Fantastic places to rest. /Construct/ hates them for some reason. No Visitation and saw an /Agent/ that was tailing me(Sage) literally collapse and vomit. When I'm in the air...I can feel His presence leave.

M's(Hermit) get up high rule still has merit. Maybe I should look into becoming a steward.

Heard about Jay(Heroic Sage). I take solace that he is Free. His no more.

Got some important information from my source at the Commune.

German /Construct/ and American /Construct/ are NOT the same being.
There is more than one of them. /Constructs/ exist in nearly every country. Different forms, same type of /Being./ They are ALL awake. Records across time show.

However, American /Construct/ is a singular being. The /Constructs/ will not, CAN not, work together.

Finally...the German /Construct/ is dead. Killed with a small, peasant's wheat scythe. The Theory is proven.

History lesson is over. Reservation is next.

Shaun(Sage), He's getting angrier. You and I(Sage) both know it. If he can't reach me, he'll go for you. Book a cross country flight as soon as you can and get to the airport as soon as possible. If we're still alive by Dec. 23rd, then we'll be okay. Trust me on this, it's been confirmed.

Until then, and I(Sage) can't believe I'm saying this, follow M's(Hermit) rules, and stay in airports or in the air as long as possible.

October will be bad. November will be worse...and December...Shaun(Sage) if He hasn't found Zeke(Mystic) by then and we're still alive...we will have His FULL attention.