Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Airport again

Back again in the blessed freedom of the Airport(Sanctuary). I(Sage?) booked another flight...several flights. Most of them cross country. I called up my boss and asked to be transferred to the sales staff. It involves going from place to place and hawking whatever miracle cure the head company has developed. Had to cash in a lot of favors, and give out a few...playing courier as well, mostly to mistresses and second families. It was...it was easy to know who to approach and call now...they stink like the Swamp. Afraid they're going to get caught, afraid of death, afraid of losing, afraid of not getting enough. I smell it on everyone now. The  (Shaman) at the Reservation said that it wouldn't be long before I can tell the difference.

Of course, the horrid stench around myself(Sage?) is the worst.

He doesn't smell at all...nor do /Agents/.

He(Shaman) had me drink it. He boiled the Substance, and I(Sage?) drank the whole thing while it was steaming. It didn't taste like anything. Just that it was cold.

W-Fighters- are at an eternal disadvantage.

Other Nations' /Constructs/ have set rules, set paths, set legends that they MUST hold to and never change, they've been around so long for so many years that it becomes a Singular Truth...and the Grand Theory holds. A warrior or Guardian or Hero rises, the /Construct/ is defeated and goes away for a long long time before it's rebirthed.

Our /Construct/ has options.

Hundreds of them. Eventually thousands at the rate this is going. You(Hunted) play against Him using M's(Hermit) Rules and then suddenly the /Construct/ starts using the Rules from Marble Hornets or Twelve Tribes, and M's advice becomes crap. So you swap over to following those new rules, but then someone else writes up a new blog with new rules for Him or the /Agents/ and voila! You're back to square one, with no time to recover and you never know when He will change. It's fighting water...or smoke. It's impossible to get a hand on it.

But, it's a double edged sword. All those options? It's the biggest weakness. If /Construct/ were to face against Der Ritter(Dead Monster) then the German Knight would rip Him to shreds. The longer you stay alive, the stronger your Rules become, and eventually...well...

Still comparatively it's trying to fill a 20-gallon oil drum by placing one grain of sand in it, every day. And if you miss one day, or drop your grain, you're dead.

Why do you think M's(Hermit) been able to stay alive for so long? I(Sage?) hope...haven't heard from him lately.

Head's still reeling. I'll(Sage?) try and write again after my flight...blessed sleep. Explain what I've been doing, where I've been, and what I've learned.

Don't give up...turns out He's been playing defensive all along.

Shaun(Sage), I'm(Sage?) so sorry...goodbye. Remember, you are not His...as long as you don't give up. However...a low dosage of morphine will keep you from feeling...No...no...stay in airports, stay in the air, stay alive and what I saw won't happen. You just need to make it to Halloween for now...be in the air on the 26th. Okay? Either that or keep running or sleep at the CN tower in Canada and if not...find some morphine.