Monday, October 18, 2010


I(Sage) don't know why I take these little walks out into the wilderness, nature trails, alligator world, boardwalks...I just need to be outside, by the trees. Not by people. Not around those smells. Not around the /Agents/. I need a new tie...hate this dress code.

I(Sage) cornered one. Sick and shaking in a airport bathroom. Another one trying to follow me. Never attacked me or did anything when I cornered him. They babbled about nothing for a while. Just kept talking about needles, injections, and fish. I think it was who I though it was. That /Agent/(Lost) so cold and quiet. I offered they some diluted Substance...but the /Agent/ just ran.

The reservation was exactly that. Just like before, no one spoke or even looked at me(Sage). The (Shaman) just took the Substance and started up a small pot on a hotplate. As it boiled and he added...-elements- to it. (Shaman) told me more about /Construct./

I(Sage) did a typo earlier. It's nation, not country. Always country. They(Entities) come in endless forms. Authority is nice. It increases the sense of powerlessness. That is why Der Ritter appeared as a knight. That is why in the Australian Bush, it is a soldier. That is why in Russia it wears a great black coat. The message is clear, They are Greater. They are Superior. When they cause things to happen...there is nothing we can do.

They follow. The Iraq incident shows that. There's an (Entity) of the Iraqui...but that was not what got them...not what appeared...they can cross...but their prey is their own.

The where and when is unknown and unimportant really, as the (shaman) told me(Sage), and by all purposes a mystery that isn't likely to be solved...Der Ritter is the leading contender though. But the who is least this is what the (Shaman) said.

A woman had a child. She was either young, selfish, scared, or all of those and a thousand more. Either way, it boiled down to her not wanting the child. So she walked into the Dark Woods. The border where civilization ended and the Cruelty of Nature and the World and all the things hidden inside began, and she left the child there.

There are many stories that start like this.

Then she returned to the village...but she feared her husband, or the authority, or the church. So she destroyed her home, cut herself, and shrieked and cried and spoke of a great monster. A being dressed in -Authority- and who took her child. The villagers believed her...and spread the warning.

That was the first one. If it was the Child, returning for vengeance, -Changed- by something. Or a creature of the Dark, insulted by being blamed for something it did not do, or Something that devoured the Child and developed a taste for doesn't matter.

The woman was found on the trees.

The (Shaman) bade me drink the boiling solution. It was ice cold...and then I(Sage) passed out. When I came to, the smells started. The (Shaman) said that it was necessary. That if I kept traveling, and researching, and fighting...I would find a way to send it back for a while.

I(Sage) don't have dreams when I'm sleeping on the plane.

I'm(Sage) going back to my own home soon...back to the Door to Other Side. I know what's to happen. When I find the /Weapon/ when I discover something that the (Hero, Warrior, Guardian) needs to be victorious...then I must go to Other Side and the Swamp. That is my role as the (Sage), and Shaun(Sage) don't worry...I think...both /Construct/ and I are tired of this. It's sick of my insults and annoyances, and I'm just tired. I will be the next Sage to fall. I can't stop the process, not when its in me...I'll find it. Hide it someplace safe and then...well...I think I'll rub substance over a metal baseball bat.

There's no thing as a good death, just death. But there's a difference between going out like a coward, and going out scrabbling for every last second you can, swinging all the way.