Thursday, November 25, 2010


Alright, first stop saying Love, Life, Light. You all sound like characters out of a Care Bears episode. They're just words.

Secondly, I want to clear the air and show you people something.
You think Robert went to the 'Other Side' and that Nessa trapped in some Labyrinth or that Zero can, and this is my favorite part of bullshit, go to the 'astral' plane?

Grow the fuck up.

You wanna know where Robert was during his time as Greenlight? Well M got it right. He was hiding in that electric monitoring station, in a filthy suit, with a swiss army knife, talking to himself and his iphone. He was eating out of a McDonald's garbage bin. That's it. Oh yeah, and that story of the kids who fought Him off? Bullshit. They never existed in the first place. The loon just found a knife in a parking lot.

Nessa, you're wandering around the back alleys of a city, babbling to yourself. Give it up. He's already taken your mind. You think you can escape without any damage? Two words babe: Internal hemorrhaging. And doesn't your 'speech of power' sound like the kind of babbling that might result from brain damage?

Amelia, if you want to help your father, just give it up. You're not doing anything helpful. I mean if you WANT to have to club in your father's head with a pipe later, hey keep on being stupid.

You're not winning. You're just poking a sleeping bear. You upsetting Him. Which makes him lash out at us. Which makes us attack you. Everyone gets more agitated and hostile. No one wins. Just stop, and things can calm down, no one but you wants this...and you're just a bunch of Icaruses. Burn baby Robert's case that was a bit more literal than the rest of you.

Zeke is going to burn as well. We can take him whenever we want, but thankfully the FBI will be doing that for us...thanks for that Zeke by the by. M is the only one who will be here past the solstice you know...he's the only one who understands his place.

I know most of you will blow me off in some display of arrogance and idiocy, your loss, but to those of you who are scared? Who have doubt in your 'Titled Saviors' and the Solstice? Take the offer. This will never come again.