Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You all think you're so so clever, don't you?
Pulling her back. Your insane 'idol' greenlight helping the pull?
Well, good for you. Really, tell me. What's the score? Your hack artist Nessa and B's little nothing?
So...2? Maybe?
You know what HIS score is?

We caught your little greenlight.
Couldn't fight us off when He set him on fire.
We grabbed him and he's safe with us.
It's very funny really.
His face, a total burned mess. Nose is gone, covered in scabs, mouth just a barely perceptible line.
Guess who he looks like now?

You will fail.
There's nothing special about the solstice.
Greenlight, or should I say Robert, is a lunatic, babbling in a corner.
That swiss army knife, that we WILL find, is only that.
And you can't beat him.

Reach is an idiot.
However, his upcoming fate will pale in comparison to what is going to happen to you.
You have caused him Fear.
You have caused him Pain.
He doesn't LIKE that.

This is your Get Out of Jail Free card.
Delete your blog. Erase yourself. Refuse your title. It's meaningless anyway.
Do that...and you're free.
No more us. No more Him. Your friends and family as well.
Just walk away.
Before Sunday.

Don't just write this off.
You think any of us with any minds left wouldn't chose this in a heartbeat?
Think of your loved ones as well, after you die on the Solstice. He WILL go after them next. Think of their pain.
Actually think about this.

He thinks...less like a Human then you might think.
There's prey. Then, there are you, threats.
He will fight you, and you will lose.
But if you run. He will forget you and go for easier prey and more prevalent threats.

Actually consider it.
You might not mind a death in battle, but I want you to think of little Robbie's screams.
And then imagine them coming from your mother's/father's/sibling's/girlfriend's/boyfriend's/best friend's throat.

And it will be YOUR fault.