Sunday, May 8, 2011


Got what I needed from the Tree.
Zero's mostly right. The thing is real, and it is horrible.
However, there was no malice from it. Not even after I snipped off what I needed.
Could be that my status is what kept it from being 'active' but I watched that damn thing for hours.
It is a horrible thing. It can't flower here (Thank God) but I know it's a Tree of Black Leaves.
It whispers...but they mean nothing. Not really. Just as a seashell echos the ocean within, these kind of...things...have the echos of all the horrible deeds done in darkness within them. Slowly leaking out, becoming those horrid whispers you hear when you think you might not be fully alone.

Hard part's over. Just need to wait it out now.
Not worried about time. The Core Theory's finished and I am now a part of it.
Redlight is already dead, even if he doesn't know it yet. His slaves will burn.
Rika, Morningstar, Steward, and the others? Enjoy your time...because I am going to leave each and every one of you on the ground, writhing in pain, cursing my name, and whimpering.

When I go out, every Proxy is going to know it and have it branded on their flesh.
You can't stop it. You can't stop me.
So, sit back and enjoy your time...but know that your all about to suffer the final curse of the Sages.A