Tuesday, May 3, 2011


They're getting more and more erratic.
Redlight's little retinue has gone hunting.
The new Rika and Moriningstar and the others yap yap yaaaap.
I watched one just continue to walk into a wall for a while, like a glitchy video game character.
The Core Theory holds...well the new/original one before it was corrupted by Him, Them, and mostly by my own damn ego.
Anyway, general warning to all. The Proxies are going to become more and more erratic/violent in their behavior. Ignore Rika, Steward, and the other chatty ones, they're going to still be the same for a while and be a generic annoyance to all.
It's the others you have to look out for. The ones that don't talk anymore.

We need to reduced the number of Proxies out there. It's vitally important. Eventually they'll all end up on the ground, drooling, but the sooner it's back to just Us and Him, the better.

Thankfully, when I'm Done the number of those kind of Proxies should be severely reduced. At least we'll be rid of the Red Rat Bastard.

So, Zero. I'm ready when you are, man.