Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm not going to deny that my grip on reality and sanity is by the fingertips, and that's on the best of days. But I need to do this. If I'm right then it's a win. If not, then I'm of no use to anyone anymore, and it's best if I drop off the grid and become a nebulous figure. Anyway, onto my lead...

Alexandria is a monster, a normal one, but much more foul.
She's been convicted and sentenced for Infanticide. Her own. All five of them.
She did it. Not ---.
It was her way of saving them. She knew it would tear through her and then onto them and she wanted to spare them the pain. If it makes her seem any better it was by a quick injection, while they were asleep.
She's in another 'Fairfax'...not giving the real name. She isn't called Alexandria either.
Of course they locked her up, with a story like hers (and ours) who wouldn't?
It's very important I find her. She has something that I need to restart the Core Theory.

She knows ---'s First Name.