Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revised Core Theory

1) --- was in existence before knowledge came of it.

2) Exposure of --- existence to a population causes it to become more active.
As for changes in being/intelligence/behavior/etc no idea whatsoever.

3) Propagation of ---'s story by way of the internet did. not. help.
But don't worry, just THINKING about --- doesn't cause you to be targeted. It's...more complex than that. It's Step Number 1, but you need to do three of four more things as well. Odds are good though that you do those things daily. More on this later.

4) No amount of changing ---'s story can result in its destruction.
I'm sorry Zero. So, incredibly sorry.

5) No story or Title can change who we are, nor can it change weapons or make spells, or do anything. Stick with M's rules as best you can.

6) It WILL die, and there will be no young. It is a singular creature feeding off a limited resource.

Anything else is conjecture and speculation. I'm not revealing any more. Too easy to get distracted or corrupted by the redlight. In the town of Alexandria's, working on my entrance and preparing for my interview.