Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't make it dark, make it look like the others...concepts have to align properly or it wont start out right...anyway. Have to keep it all down. Skip the usual 'descent' crap. Have been told, in better words. This isn't that kind of work.

Sighting Today. My Action: Waiting for bus home from work. Had no camera, and too far for cell phone camera to work. Location: Across the street in Lyon's Park, South Tree Line. Time: 4:26. Appearance: Standard humanoid, save proportions. Activity: Stationary. Other Elements: Children present (Major concern), Unseen by other co-workers at bus stop when inquired (Standard), Co-Worker's MP3 player showed irregularities in screen and in sound (Presence effect on electronics normal but first recorded time with mp3 player, and on someone who was unmarked and unaware but still heard and saw Distortion), new Operator Symbol present: OS scratched into glass with other graffiti, obvious in correlation to my presence. Unknown if spontaneous/Hallowed/Runner, still no certification of significance/power.

There was a story, long ago, about a sheik and a flying carpet. The carpet would move, as long as the rider never so much as thought about a single phrase. The Sheik, in his arrogance and idiocy, demanded to know the word so that he would never thing of it, and he summoned his court around him to hear. So that no one else would make a mistake. 'White Elephants' was the phrase...and of course, the carpet never moved again.

Bastard's near kids...gotta get him away from them. Focus on me. I still need some time though, haven't gotten enough information, Fletcher and Lizzie still untapped...but not ready to bring them in. Zeke(Mystic) can't help at this point, too far from location, too early, and he wont trust, no choice. Have to keep the kids safe.

Have to bait that Armani-wearing Ass to spend a night staring at me. Look at me all you want Sharp Dressed Man. I'll make us both drinks...stay here, and you aren't out there.

And if you come inside...I'm gonna introduce your face to my baseball bat.